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End of first week

Well had a good week, have lost 6lbs so well pleased with myself. I haven't really been following a strict diet as such, I have cut down on what I eat - smaller portions using a smaller plate. Instead of making a sandwich with 2 slices of bread have just had one. I cut out the rubbish ie. biscuits and sweets, have not eaten anything after 7pm. I still have 1 chocolate biscuit with my morning coffee. With this heat wave we have been having it has been easier to drink more water.

So here we go into week 2, to all those that get disheartened don't give up - keep on trying.

I am going to see the podiatrist this morning so I hope they can give me some help with the foot problem as I really miss going for my daily walk.

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Hi richstews,

It's pretty normal to lose more weight in the first week or two, due to fulid loss. The recommended average is about 1 to 2 lbs a week and you'll probably find you'll level out at about that rate if you're following the advice and guidance on the NHSChoices pages.

I pretty much took a similar approach at first and inspired (or do I mean scared?) by the Hairy Dieters programmes, had a bit of a hissy fit and chucked out all the rubbish, i.e. sweet, fatty, creamy, fried, etc and went down to human sized, rather than super-sized portions.

Over the weeks that kind of mellowed into a much better eating regime whereby I ate (and still eat) much less 'empty' calories, more fruit and veg and fish and generally much more nutritiously and healthily (and moderately).

I have kept in two 'lite' Digesive biscuits (which I share with the dog) and a scone from the canteen at work. At first I limited my bread to two slices of toast in the morning, but now some days I don't even do that.

As I've journeyed, my tastes have changed, and I've developed a bit more of a leaning to more spicy food and lost my taste for chocolate.

I now truly couldn't face some of the things I would have eaten without a second thought only a bit over six months ago.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Well done - thats a great result :-)


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