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Mental Health vs Body Health

I'm currently feeling a bit down. There's no real reason, or not one I've pinned down as yet.

Taking the medication as usual. It's not the depression I want advice on, it's the impact it has on my thoughts of food!

I'll eat rubbish because that's all I deserve. But I know that's 'all in my head' and a lie.

So, I'm determined to eat a small, healthy portion of dinner tonight (eating at a friends house) and I'm logging everything. I hope this control will help me feel better about myself.

But I am also worried this control over food may lead to anorexia to some extent. I've had it before as a young teenager. Not extreme, but enough. I hate constantly thinking about the next meal and the way I haven't lost any weight so far although I have 1400 calories or under each and every day!!

What to do to keep this mental control in balance? How can I relax about food??

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Eat real, natural, additive free, unprocessed food. To lose weight eat less carbs, adequate protein and the accompanying fat.


I've noticed that each time I say I'm going on a diet lately I notice that the first few days I do pretty well and then I start to think about food too much and craving for the unhealthy food so I've decided that instead I am going to just try to eat only half of say some chips if I really crave them and that way I can curb the craving and have only half the calories. I am also aiming to try my best to have small portion of carbs protein and as much veg. I never used to eat properly like this at al and I have noticed that if I do then I don't need to eat anything later on. I find the protein is really filling and satisfying. You do deserve to eat healthy foods and to be happy. Good luck x


Hi Bunjamin, can I first of all say you're not alone and second of all you are more than definitely worth it! and lastly ... please don't beat yourself up if you go over 1400 cals or have something that you really craved. The good side of that is that you can walk it off or swim, do some kind of exercise that you like, at present I am gardening. Doing anything will burn up cals and if you keep a mood diary you will be able to spot what your triggers are and then you can change direction when you feel them coming on.

My issues with food started when an ex said he would leave me if I got fat and then proceeded to feed me (pesky feeders!) then last ex used stealth-like controlling methods to abuse me and again fed me up. Once rid of him I met a lovely bloke who has spent the last 3 yrs telling me I'm worth it and I am only now starting to believe him. He doesn't feed me as he too has been controlled by a feeder so he knows how it feels. I AM WORTH IT!

Both of us now eat of small dinner plates, more like side plates (mine's is a Miss Kitty plate and bowl) lol and so I still get to eat normal food but my portion sizes are smaller. I don't stop myself from having anything but if we are out I'll scrape half my plate onto the kids' plates or I'll ask for a second plate, scrape half onto that and then ask the waiter/ress to take it away. Saves so much trouble asking for half a portion OR I have something healthy of the kids' menu. Just last week as everyone tucked into pie and chips I had kids tortilla with chicken and salad and that more than done me.

Good luck and I hope I've helped :-) x


Mental Health vs Body Health - I think you need to go for both BUT without some lifestyle changes ( in other words - incorporate all the little suggestions that work for you into your life day in day out - until they are habits ) you risk putting a lot of pressure on your will power.

So on a good day you are fine but on a less good day it all falls apart nutritionally which will "feed" your frustration with yourself and lock you in a vicious circle.

The 1400 calories are a guide - you can estimate out you own BMR.


This BMR takes account of your height and weight.

Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is an estimate of how many calories you'd burn if you were to do nothing but rest for 24 hours.


Thanks everyone. I feel a little better, and hope you are all enjoying the sunshine! I've been on a long dog walk, then made a mixed fruit smoothie to have with lunch today. Yum!


It's good to know you're feeling better. Keep up the good work


Hi Bunjamin,

For me, there's no 'versus' in that. Physical and Mental Health are, if you like, different parts of the same thing.

Your mental health, and certainly things like depression and anxiety, will impinge upon physical aspects of your health and fitness, such as how much you want to take control of your eating or how much exercise or activity you feel like doing. And how you eat and nourish your body will impinge upon your mental health too.

People who try to lose weight too fast can experience mood changes such as irritability, etc.

So, I think I would advise you to take a "softly, softly catchee monkey" type approach to your weight loss.

Don't get too hung up on the numbers of calories or the weight loss but do focus on eating healthy, good nutritious food in moderate amounts and keeping yourself physically active and also mentally active too.

And for mental health issues, just as for physical ones, the general advice of talking with your GP or other medical professional as to how any existing health issue might impinge upon your weight loss efforts (and/or vice versa) is good advice.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


I agree :-)


Hi Bunjamin,

I just wanted to let you know that your not alone,

I'm 53 and have suffered with mental health issues since I was 13, I have been on the weight loss roller coaster just like you, I found with anxiety I just couldn't eat and with depression I would comfort eat. Apart from the medication which I now take every-day. The key to lift my anxiety and depression is exercise, I've just gone through four really tough years were regular exercise just hadn't been possible, and my mental health had really suffered, I have to exercise every day, whether it's a good brisk walk or visits to my local gym (the gym membership I got on prescription from the Doctor). When feeling low I do crave, cakes and white bread, these are the things that I don't have in the house.

I can be done, good luck on you journey.




there is always a reason why someone feels down, or rather thinks down, but pin pointing it isnt so easy, in my humble experience what one thinks effects the body, e.g. you can't eat badly without thinking what you are going to put in your mouth, and if you think you deserve to eat badly then thats what happens, only you can control this, medication won't do that for you, if you really want to eat healthly you will, if you don't you want, but in the meantime try your best to do what you feel you can, i don't eat healthy all the time, but thats my responsibility and i have to suffer the consequences the same as all of us, sentamentality won't help you, but honesty will and self-honesty is harsh but thats your buisness not mine, but everything will work out fine if you try your best to your own ability, even when you think it won't, good luck.


good job on your walk and good luck tomorrow...one day at a time x


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