Thought I would cheat

I had been on this diet now for 4 weeks and was losing about 1 to 2 lbs a week which is a healthy weight to lose, but it did not feel it was enough so I went out and bought some meal replacement drinks, used them for a week and got constipated and only lost 1/2 lb, so its back to a healthy diet for me. Stated to eat the healthy diet and I have already lost 2 lb. So this is the diet for me.


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4 Replies

  • I have tried the meal replacement drinks as well with the same effect. I'm just starting this diet so wish me luck! Counting on you guys for inspiration and support!

  • good luck. just keep strong.

  • Thanks for the insight - slow and steady is better it seems. It is also possible to go crazy with the exercise and get injured - stopping you from doing ANY exercise.

    It is so important to keep focus. I think it is nice once you have a few pounds in hand to know that a small peak or trough will not wipe out your whole progress and especially not to allow it to be your undoing and turn it into a reason to give up.

  • I have made my mind up that 1lb a week is better than nothing, and if I can lose 1lb a week from now until Christmas I will have lost 2 stone, so thats my goal. My thinking is it didn't come on over night and its not going to come off over night. Good luck to you all and set yourself a goal and don't give up if you lapse for a day.

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