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final gym review

After the disapointment of my gym review being cancelled yesterday due to unforseen curcumstances on the side of the Healthwise team.

I attended my appointment this morning and can confirm that on 7th January 2013 I weighed 11st 4lbs,

I enrolled at our local gym on 27th March 2013 and my body fat percentage was 40,3 and my weight was 10st 7lbs, today I weighed in at 9st 131bs and my body fat percentages is 36.7

I can confirm my weight is now 9st 13lbs I have lost a total of 1stone and 5lbs.

I still need to lose a few more pounds to bring me out of the overweight bracket. Hopefully that will only take a few more weeks. The best news of all is that I don't have to attend any more healthwise reviews.

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Hi legs2013,

Well done! You've taken control of your body weight and it's now going where you want it to.

Good luck with those last few pounds.


Well done legs, amazing :D


that really is fantastic news - and gives me hope that i will succeed.

Well done :-)


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