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1st week done....not eaten so well but no heavier

Well, I have done my first week but I was rather bad with what I ate during it as I realised how much exercise I was doing and ate up to use the negative calories...however rather than writing off last week I am still making it count and 'fessing up to not acting in my best interests.

I did a lot of exercise, swimming, cycling and walking. I have used every opportunity to get active and move around more which had helped my moods improve.

I did find that I have been a lot more interested in healthy food however and have made a batch of bulgar wheat and quinoa and bought bit bunches of mint and coriander for salads this week so I am prepared. My IBS is really playing up at the moment which means I need to think of myself and be very careful of what I am putting into the machine...

I have managed not to put weight on which I am very pleased with so here is to week two!

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Hi Wandg,

I noticed that you've made up batches of bulgar wheat and quinoa - can I ask how you store those? Do you keep them in the fridge or freezer in portions? Do you mix in the mint and coriander to them or put those with the salads? Sounds really tasty.

Good luck with your weight loss this week. You described a really good mix of exercise.

Best wishes,

Lowcal :-)


Hi Lowcal,

I just store the bulgar wheat and quinoa in a tupperware container in the fridge - it will be fine until Friday (Im not one of those who worry too much about a day here and there with food - I don't usually get food poisoning!). I chop up the herbs with rockets and lettuce, put some chili in, cucumber and tomato and ready to go - it really is gorgeous and if you need any extra 'zing' half a lemon or lime will spice it up but there is so much flavour with the herbs it is really satisfying. Quinoa is a really good protein source too so a great packed lunch option!

Good luck with your weightloss and enjoy the salad!

Wandg :)


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