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Calories how many do I need

I have been allowing myself a calorie intake of 1200 per day but have not lost any weight since Christmas, the calorie intake was set on myfitness pal. Does anyone think this is too low as I have read on this site that I need 1400, I would be grateful for any advice.

I am quite active as I walk as much as possible and I do aqua jog and the gym once a week and sometimes go swimming.

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Yes, I think it's too low. If you diet for too long and stay on such low calories your body will adjust to try and keep your internal environment constant. I suggest raising your intake slightly for a week or so, though not sufficient to regain weight of course.

Then, Keep carbohydrate intake between 10 and 14 portions per day (1 portion = 10g carbohydrate), ideally 3 meals x 4 carb portions. uk.sitestat.com/diabetes/we...

Eat low GI carbs glycemicindex.com/

Make up the balance of your meals with natural, additive-free, unprocessed protein and fat foods.


agreed! If you plateau your body will get used to the new lower calorie intake and according to the biggest loser , you take make small calorie increases to boost your metabolic rate, whilst increasing your exercise.

lily :)


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