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lost the will to stop eating. HELP!

Started the 12 week plan in January - all good intentions. Lost half a stone by March - great only 1 and half stone more to reach goal. My weight seemed to get stuck between 12 and 12 and half stone. I've been 8 and half stone till I got into my late 30s. Weight slowly crept up to 13 stone by the time I reach 49. No change in eating habits or decline in exercise! I know I need to eat healthy and do exercise to lose weight. When I ask for advice it is always eat more oily fish, less meat, smaller portions. This is frustrating as I do not eat meat and haven't done for over 25 years. I eat mackeral, salmon and tuna regularly with rice, pasta potatoes and plenty of veg. I cant eat big portions of food. I would describe my portions as size for an eight year old child. I dont eat lots of take outs or drink lashings of fizzy drinks I normally cook from scratch , low salt, fat etc. I do like cake, biscuits, chocolate but don't eat these excessively. I've only lost weight by not eating them at all or very occasionally.

I know I need to cut them out of my diet but the small change in weight gets me down and I just go back to eating them again. I lost more weight when trying a totally fat free diet but it played havoc with my bowels and didn't feel healthy.

I exercise daily and have recently started going swimming again. Any comments appreciated honest as you like.

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All hugely frustrating. I am the same age as you and was up near the 13 stone marker at xmas. Like you not really changed my eating habits - basically healthy. My GP 'comforts' me with its your age and hormones. Thanks a lot! I have high blood pressure - so weight loss and healthy living is a key thing for me. I went to my GP in March - in despair - much the same story you have reported - so she was sympathetic - but also just gave a throw way line of - but of course you don't have to eat everything in front of you and you would lose weight. She also gave me advice on for a period cutting out sugar in the form of fruit - and carbohydrates. So I restarted the 12 week programme mid April. The key changes i have made are - hardly any carbs - lots of protein, low fat yogurt, less fruit. I allow myself an atkins protien bar a day - which has a slight chocolate flavour. I also allow myself a 'relaxed day' - usually after weigh in on friday. I try to stick to 1400 calories a day ( have you tracked this ?). The other main thing I have done is started to do C25k programme. This combination seems to have kick started my metabolism - I am losing one slow pound a week - but I am up to half a stone now - and feeling pleased with the results.

So I am taking the approach of slow and steady. Don't give up - as one friend said to me - we are too young to give in and accept the weight we are.


Hi Suzybenj,

Thanks for understanding the frustration, I had a throw away comment from a nurse at my GPs as well. After telling me I was overweight she said it was nothing to do with my age but was down to diet and excercise. She hadn't even asked me what my diet was like or whether I did any exercise! I'm glad you have found a combination that suits you and congratulation for your weight loss. I haven't counted calories as I felt it was too tedious but I think I will try it. Others have mentioned the C25k programme but I'm not sure what that is. Thanks for the encoragement I think I will give it another go and set a new goal.


Try my fitness pal for calorie counting - free programme - that you can count what you eat and what exercise you do. C25k - is on the choices website - and has a community site - which i surfed round for sometime before I ventured out doors and declared an interest!


Thanks I'll check them out.


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