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15 weeks into this - and I've finally worked out where to start!

Actually the "place to start" isn't how to lose weight, it's how you gained weight.

Or to put it another way, if you don't know how you put the weight on, you'll not know how to set about taking it off.

Knowing how you put it on, what you did that made you overweight, is the key.

I kind of did that by accident. I sort of had a hissy fit and chucked out the fried and the sugary and the fatty and creamy and the over-sized portions.

But I didn't really appreciate that those things were why I was both overweight and getting weightier.

I didn't appreciate the amount of those things I was eating. I also didn't realise how over the top in fat and calories so much of what I was eating really was.

Good luck with your weight loss journeys.

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Snacking, and massive portions. They are /were my problems. The worst time being when I got in from work and set about making tea. I would have had a great day eating wise, then while I'm making the tea grab a piece of toast or a couple I biscuits or very often both! Now, I make sure I've got a piece of fruit to have as I'm leaving work, and the OH makes the tea! (For the time being anyway) to combat portion control we've bought smaller plates, and I put the meat into portions before freezing so the 2 of us don't end up eating a pack of mince between us!

Well done with your journey! Thanks for sharing!


very insightful, thank you for sharing


makes so much sense x


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