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Damaged by pain clinic!

I have been suffering an intractable pain problem in my lower back for just over 5 years, can’t remember exactly but 3 1/2 years ago was offered an epidural, I had the injection with no warning from consultant, this injection was depemedrone, after the injection my pain levels went through the roof, my doctors just rolled out the prescriptions for opioids, I recently decided to stop the pain meds, much to chagrin of doctors, my pain levels are obviously high but am now suffering severe nerve damage and am being treated like a hypochondriac by doctors, HELP!

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Sorry to hear about you problems. If some where along the lines some one has made a mistake, no one will admit to it.You can ask for your care to be transferred to a different trust. That might get some one to have a look at the root problem with a fresh perspective.


Thank you for the tip, the health service here in the south west only works for celebrities and politicians.


"..somewhere ALONG THE LINE, SOMEONE HAS MADE A MISTAKE, NOONE WILL ADMIT IT..." So true. It is like everything in life: garbage in equals garbage out -despite all the fancy smart phones, equipment and computers. If you do not ask the right questions, you will not be able to come to a correct diagnosis. Now that all is computerised, staff happily record hearsay, gibberish, lies and some observations and recordings. The NHS is in the state it is in because of bias, prejudice, counterfeit qualifications, and above all, because staff do not take the time to look and listen carefully to the PATIENT. Apparently, all recorded information automatically becomes legal information. How so? Who gave it? Who took it?


As for all LOCAL services including Pain Clinics oh dear .I have had anaesthetists & A&Es saying : Hands are tied when shown sepsis graph directly relating . Not one A&E surgery tested ignoring symptoms still are till self funded an expensive MRI findings 3 disc prolapse , sacral joints gone nerve compressed on spina bifida & heart failure & lips-lymphoedema so need sedation too as linked to chronic cutis acute 3 weekly not targeted correctly .

Only if you have Cancer I have been told are you Fast Tracked yet even then this does not happen as GPs have allowed their employers CCGs to maladministrate our Funds using non specialist & others with questionable agendas balancing the books of wasteful practices.

It is a well known fact NHS doesn't address back problems as run by the admin blocking accesss by directing the Surgeries to ignore those of a certain age & vulnerability even though complex multi problems relating to the chronic.

It appears I should have Continuing Care/personal health budget but we are hoodwinked as my Late Mothers case reflecting mine showed as well as Late Father [ pharmacist] .Who were our MPs ? Did they intervene to resolve?

I was not referred to tertiary sector ignoring disabilities & targetting classic heart failure symptons as a result of no targetted antibiotics by treating me as if had mental problems asking for oxygen for CPAP machine .This they do to not assist Alzheimers sufferers & THOSE Progressive conditions such as MS until in Care when only got a few months left .I can prove my cases does anyone in authority want to know .There is no one Ask for a Manager & send Security guards to libel & maligne likewise the law.I

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