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NHS England: A Call to Action
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What is Going On ?Has James Hunt taken a Hippocratic oath?

Why hasn't he leapt into action over the structure of NHS as there is no patient orientated research or treatment or valid diagnosis using Testing in Primary Care .They even ignore symptoms ..Why is this allowed? Funding is not the excuse when lives at risk. Why isn't he checking that there are specialists on the CCGs as those Doctors from Primary Care are on contracts to LAs doing as directed via their & LA admin - Many have gone p/t so not responsible for what they know to be risky & illegal.They do not know how to plan & treat the chronic with multi conditions with 20 min appt if you are lucky Is this a joke when hospital deliberately use the inexperienced to block & send you round like headless chickens not sorting matters out as they blame & abuse & shorten the lives prematurely of the poor older patients via discrimination & questionable ethos?

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I think the Hippocratic Oath went out the window a long time ago - with 1000's suffering and dying each year, I don't think anyone bothers about the 'not harming or healing anyone' any more! It is a business not a health service and not a well run business at that from my experience. The best advice from my experience is stay away from doctors and take as good care of yourself as is possible - sorry to be so negative, but I have learnt from experience.

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NHS like a large supermarket chain. A lot of administrators developing strategies and purchasing products. The important staff are the ones who do their best to cope with the incompetence of the administrators e.g. making sure products are on the shelves, fit to eat and priced correctly but most of them are poorly paid, over worked and not listened to by the administrators. Mr Hunt and the vast majority of other MP's do not spend enough time in hospitals and GP waiting rooms talking with patients and their families because if they did they could not then so readily speechify in the House of Commons where they now do so in blissful ignorance of the truth. Its probably not a funding issue but a mismanagement of the funds by the administrators. Regrettably if we don't like a supermarket we can go to others but its not so simple with health unless of course you can afford private.


True .Bring back power , flexibility to specialist .Restructure NHS holistically with one stop shops where Research - patient orientated symptoms & treatment is at the core & ethos is to learn from treating the chronic with Multiconditions & disabilities with the social built in .Let the Holistic. /Alternative sector construct & be part of with flexibility coordination & immediacy the key .


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