Infection, at risk of sepsis?

Hello! I'm new here and just wondering if anybody has any advice on when to go to A&E for an infection? Has been infected for about 5 days, I've been to the local urgent care centre and they've given me antibiotics, though the infection is showing no signs of clearing and I'm concerned about developing sepsis? I've been getting shivers and hot flushes, as well as fatigue.

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  • Not entirely sure that anybody from NHS monitors this site so best not wait for your answer here. If you are concerned and can't wait to see a doctor you should really get it checked out at A&E. Sepsis is a killer so better to be safe than sorry.

  • Why then do A&Es have units manned by Nurses who don't want the risk refusing assistance, using Walk in clinics manned by same GPs [ covering themselves] so directed not to test ???! Risky to who? I frequently have this problem utis re: ignored disability [ spina bifida - found in direct research ] to point of cardiac arrest yet still refuse to transfer hospital appts when moved then block with registrars[ least experienced on remit] because Specialists contracted in often from not UK eg: Eire .

    Utis are a red flag & not appropriately dealtNB the Forums as requires research that nobody can access as 3 tier system. Research should be from square one with all tools available to Drs needing intuition & creativity Health is not an exact science .

    I have partially resolved my situation by getting preventative antibiotics all time but as proved often 3/4 bugs why testing needed .Now getting boils & Infections again on vulva when rare forms of cancer in family both sides elsewhere, yet now all on inflexible remits ignoring disability & diagnosis .

  • Not sure I can give you an answer on that I'm afraid. I'm just a follower of the forum, not an NHS employee. I just wanted to point out that this forum doesn't seem to be monitored by NHS staff and if you need urgent medical advice this probably not the best place to get it, especially when worried about sepsis.

  • Then where?

  • Do you think I haven't tried to point of cardiac arrest caused by the stress on ignored heart failure symptoms caused by no antibiotics for countless infection caused! When researched the chronic uti acute 3 weekly when NHS ethical without restrictive damaging policy & procedures using Registrars to pretend treating but just reiterating what you tell them .If Drs took Hippocratic oaths they would not be able to work in the system how it is now .Its not patronising advice from the unqualified remits dictating to the Drs but appropriate treatment for goodness sake .

  • How did you do? I would go to the Polish Medics in London who can do the tests while you wait so you can legally prove the NHS Medics & the lawyers are not upholding NHS Constitution as delaying by doing private work elsewhere .They understand how to be in an ethical system that does not rip you off ?If you phone 101 sometimes they can make an appt at Walk In Centre with the GPs with no Specialist knowledge?But you have to be an Insurance risk first as they call the shots. The GPs on shift system are following the no testing direction which in my book is criminal as could be a fatal issue .

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