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NHS England: A Call to Action
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Surely not Me?

Yesterday on Celebrity Big Brother I heard ex policewoman Margaret [ who had stood up to be counted over the action over Rochdale child abuse case] making same point re: the system & administration for raising issues Not FIT FOR PURPOSE.in fact corrupted starting with the unproportionally represented Cabinet . Has James Hunt taken the Hippocratic oath?!!

This was in regards to the days News with the need for Urgent Access NB statistics Legal firms Blog/letter re even knowing statistics about not following its own constitution allowing Drs to not take hippocratic oaths what have i also found the legal system too has same not fit for purpose system with no discretion or fair hearing The same can be seen in Hillsborough , Grenfell tower & funding not poor government & monitoring to blame Yesterday i wrote to the Health Select Committee about my Health & Safety Issues that is not following adhering to their own NHS Constitution & Plans , theIr strict protocaol & not fit for purpose functioning of themselves particularly Nhs & Legal & Complaints System despite the Nhs Constitution yet again ignored as no coordination & clarity with Fair Hearing or Management .


To Health Select Committee

Had to submit the below as questionnaire on Complaints ???!!! Please forward to Steve Brine MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health and Primary Care as strict protocol used by elected reps admin used to block contact to cause human rights abuse by administrative systems as no discretion so discrimination & risk to health & safety

What is point in asking for early detection of Cancer blaming the public when because of Pilot & implementation with no contact numbers for problems all those not in it find theyre suffering worse & could possibly die as further statistic as a result as surveys like this do not raise issues to those who can put right so hoodwink? .As for multi- infart dementia and heart as well plus. To ignore via no research or testing doesn't make sense when family history says it all,

CCGS have allowed this, knowing this is not inline with NHS Constitution has time restrictions via the Government no seeing its funding makes sense .

Have I got to go to a Law Firm to no avail again as my life is being put art risk with sepsis hovering.Already this has caused MI from classic heart failure symptoms ignored by NHS targeted by educational sector to early retire as redundant because of funding ? Are Drs still not taught about disability or other Specialisms so they can be told to no longer can they research TESTby 10min apps & made p/t Causing Legal firms to highlight this via no win no fee after the event - ethical? If Drs took Hippocratic oaths they would not be able to work in both public & private system manned by them not allowing second opinions so can rip off as the Law has same system with no discretion via the questionable often from abroad operating in 2 areas part time causing the delays.Many have told me their hands are tied so do as they are told and do not stand up to be counted.

As have multi conditions flaring up without antibiotics & history observed what is going on?am having to go abroad & use savings to feed the greed of those who should know better

"28 AUGUST 2015 LEGAL WEBSITE from Cancer Research

Thousands of Cancer Patients Denied Molecular Diagnostic Tests

According to a new Cancer Research UK report, thousands of patients in England are missing out on molecular diagnostic tests that could pave the way for targeted cancer treatments.

The NHS’s molecular diagnostic testing service for cancer patients in England helps to identify the genetic faults behind a patient’s cancer to determine whether they may benefit from targeted therapy.

Certain molecular diagnostic tests can also predict the likely outcome of less advanced tumours and thereby determine whether aggressive early management is necessary.

The Cancer Research UK report focuses on patients with skin, bowel and lung cancer where personalised treatment is already available on the NHS.

Targeted cancer treatment can dramatically affect a patient’s outcome and experience and help them avoid unpleasant side effects and prolonged periods spent in hospital.

As molecular diagnostic tests are the only way to access regularly funded targeted cancer medicines, eligible patients who do not receive such tests are missing out on learning whether their cancer is suitable for treatments as well as any potential benefits of targeted medicine.

According to Cancer Research UK, hospitals in England failed to provide more than 24,000 molecular diagnostic tests in 2014. This included 16,000 eligible patients with lung or bowel cancer, of which a quarter could have been given targeted therapies.

This means that an estimated 3,500 lung and bowel cancer patients missed out on the benefits of personalised treatment that could have altered the course of their disease. In some cases, patients were denied several priceless months they could have spent with their loved ones as a result.

Despite the fact that molecular diagnostic tests have been available in England since 2008 and are routinely available in several other countries, the main reasons behind the missed tests are cost and poor awareness by doctors of targeted treatments and testing. Although the Government pledged to develop national commissioning for the tests in its 2011 cancer strategy, there is still no dedicated funding available.

The Cancer Research UK report estimates that at least £13m is needed to meet current demand for the tests and to ensure services are kept up to date as new treatments become available.

It is hugely concerning that cancer patients are being left in the dark as to whether or not they might benefit from targeted treatments simply because routine molecular diagnostic testing still isn’t available.

These tests enable doctors to select specifically tailored treatment plans that can help improve cancer patients’ survival rates. In addition, they allow patients to become involved in clinical trials and can reduce debilitating side effects from less effective treatments.

The new cancer strategy for improving cancer outcomes in England over the next five years calls for NHS England to properly commission these tests. To ensure thousands of patients don’t continue to be excluded from potentially invaluable treatments, it is therefore absolutely crucial the government does everything it can to act on the strategy’s recommendations.

Better cancer prevention, faster diagnosis and modernisation of the NHS to provide improved access to treatments are all high priority aims the health service needs to target. By taking action and making the changes suggested in the report, the Independent Cancer Taskforce estimates that by 2020, the NHS could be saving an additional 30,000 lives every year.

Cancer develops through various stages and when opportunities for diagnosing the disease are missed or delayed, the condition can obviously develop to a more advanced and critical stage. The effects of any such errors can be extremely serious.

Lawyers help people who have suffered from delayed or wrong diagnosis of cancer due to Medical Negligence. For a free consultation call our Medical Negligence Solicitors on freephone 0800 916 9049 or start your claim online.

98% of our Clinical and Medical Negligence Claims are funded by a No Win, No Fee agreement, which is formally called a Conditional Fee Agreement. This means there is no financial risk to you.

To read more about the Cancer Research UK report, please click here.

Clinical Negligence, Cancer Claims, Medical Negligence Claims

Sincerely ,

Julie Shrive [ 71 yrs single solo potential bed blocker because of you - if can get there & don't rot at home ]


?1 Lodgemore Cottage , Lodgemore Lane , Stroud, Glos GL53EQ 01453 454 587 mob.07986637996

NB I have an MA 2003 re: these issues underlying this is the conceptual ethos for Art Work i.e. : ageing & Identity ivia .: Impressionism , Abstraction & Constructivism via Sculpture[ Installation] & Electronic Lens Media

This is NEGLIGENCE - of disability & history i.e.{ Research 1969 found spina bifida occult & abnormal EEG amongst others e.g.: neurogenic bladder , one ureter too many incontinence & reflux without rotated targeted antibiotics 3 weekly [ 30 yrs] strongest micrscope despite MI 12 yrs ago revived with angioplasty after needing revival 3 x yet referral into TIER 3 system recommended by Specialists in Private Sector [ second opinion] not advised because of Remit & other interest research [ sepsis] graph likewise transferral of appt as Research entered into taking me as a guinea pig “ Watchful Waiting” on apps re: Neurogenic Royal free

neurogenic bladder & incontinence & reflux [ urthrotomy] & spina bifida yet NHS disregarded & Refused to change in notes causing problems with Drs not taught about disability whose hand were tied?

Even though dyspraxia found on MA not acknowledged by NHS even by Consciousness Specialist at National neurological & Research Depts [ same test] last year - working privately for own gain as well as own NHS sleep unit when already found diagnosis & treatment to be ineffective I suspect may be connected to multi infant dementia which Mother had severely affecting cognitive, function n& movement [ abnormal EEG test in Research 1969 with spina bifida occulta finding NB Royal Free returns Notes Research which is illegal when tried to address how not given reasonable care - time consuming [ affecting many trigger points ] ? CFS / fibre diagnosed privately by eminent Specialist Proffessor

I was targeted physically into early retirement age 50 am 71because of what know now to have been classic heart failure symptoms relating to no antibiotics[ policy?} now , as earned too much for not correctly funded primary school where middle management- Thatchers Cuts so earned more than the average teacher.I then did BA & MA re Instigation of charitable funding of Arts & HEALTH

I have had to move house from North London - Islington to Cirencester then Stroud twice in 6 yrs re harassment & abuse via negligence & no access [ deliberate policy] when antibiotics/ sepsis the underlying issue NB Have graph from Prof saw every 3 weeks re chronic utis showing Sepsis risk .Yet were these appt transferred or Complaints acted on? Even though considered Vulnerable because of age status [ single solo ] & disabilities heart failure.poor mobility & function due to dysponea [ Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension ] only diagnosed with Reveal device 1yrs ago not treated appropriately had to go back to london for yearly test from yearly appt london gave knowing despite hundreds of contacts via elected reps & Complaints System to point maladministration was taking place & downright distortion of truth

Even though had been on GP surgery panel for LINK in London ,not allowed to feed back or address IT issue re incorrect , questionable notes [ incorrect distorted LINK[ units for Diabetes COPD not overseen by the medically qualified with a Hippocratic oath LAs maladministrating set ups - Heart Failure & Telecare too on remits - now shown by statistics re premature death e.g. : not catching cancer in time LA

Part of my reason for move too could not get Appts transferred [ previously followed up since targeted physically into early retirement at 50 under nose of Jeremy Corbyn [ who did not assist ] However he may have had a hand in Equalities Act 2011 & trying to prevent A&E closure. As spoke to specialist not me directly .

In computer notes which endeavoured to correct over 7 years ago and was blocked from correct procedures as has happened with Complaints/ Legal system !NB Was on GP Panel re: LINK??!!Continually not allowed to Feedback

17 Nov 2017 - The Committee will not be pursuing any individual cases, and will not be inviting the Secretary of State to do so. Please send details of any relevant cases to the following email address: healthcomvisaconcerns@parliament.uk. or by post to: Health Committee House of Commons London SW1A 0AA ...

This is never forwarded to those responsible who can act they must know that & questions their integrity & ability e.g.: Government should not be divided up into a one party by a small Cabinet when that is not what the voting showed .NB Brexit Iraq War ??!!

From a not listened to patient whistleblower , being given the run around along with ignored constitution fair access , diagnosis & treatment ?!

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