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Want to have baby at home in England

Can someone please help with an answer as i.ve read that much online i.m totally confused! My question. Can a British citizen born in England who has married and lived in Central American on and off for 4 years, worked temporarily in England for a few months until February 2016 be entitled to NHS Maternity treatment ? Thanks for any help and advise.

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As a British citizen, yes you can use the NHS for any purpose, including having a baby. There are a few restrictions placed on what treatment you can receive when you've lived overseas for a period, but that mostly pertains to elective surgeries.

I assume that when you say have a baby 'at home', you mean at home in England and not at home in your dwelling. The latter is usually quite difficult to arrange these days, in most areas of the country.


Unless you are coming back to live permanently in the UK, you may be asked to pay for your NHS hospital treatment. It isn't automatically free because you are British or because you have an NHS number. So Yes you can use the NHS, but it might not be free to you. It is never refused or denied to anyone, and maternity care is always immediately necessary care.

If you usually live outside the UK and want to come back to the UK to deliver, this will be chargeable to you.

You will need to be prepared to provide evidence of cutting ties overseas, and returning to UK on a settled basis.

You can contact the overseas visitors department in the NHS hospital local to where you will be in the UK. They should be able to help. I'm the overseas visitor manager based at Medway Hospital Gillingham, Kent.


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