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Spider, Thread veins Help!


Im a male of 39 from the uk and I have suffered with thread veins around my feet and ankles for a few years now and a varicose vein on the calf of my right leg. They were never that bad so I didnt worry about them too much.

This year I found out I had thyroid cancer which has caused me some stress as you can probably imagine. Ive had my whole tyroid removed and am now on Thyroxin for the rest of my life.

Shortly after my operation I noticed that the veins around my ankles looked much worse. Shortly after this, I woke up one morning to find that they had appeared along my rib cage on both sides literally overnight. On top of this in the space of a couple of months I now have these spider veins appearing have all over my legs, with new ones appearing on a weekly basis! Then to top it off, I now have a few appearing on my face.

This is causing me so much stress and depression that it's hard to put into words. My GP keeps telling me to not worry about them and doesn't seem to appreciate just how much this is effecting me. Ive stopped going out, eating properly and the stress and depression is now effecting my job. I'mfind it a struggle to get up on a morning now due to the way this is making me feel.

I have no idea what has caused them to get so bad so quickly? I used to be very active, but now I just get home and lock myself away. I can't bear to even look at my legs anymore. Ive become obsessed with how they look, and it's ruining my life.

Can you please help me? I'm desperate for some help and advice. I can't go on feeling like this forever. My GP doesn't seem willing or able to refer me on the NHS.

Kind regards

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Hi KyleH334,

How distressing for you. My commiserations, but unfortunately, as far as the NHS is concerned, there may be little that can be done for you. As it's not only harmless, but prone to happening in some individuals without any attendant disease, this phenomenon is treated as a cosmetic matter, as it causes no physical harm to you. And although schlerotherapy exists to help, this isn't generally available through the NHS, or even really practical when you have so many affected areas.

What about seeking private help for the areas that are causing you the most distress or embarrassment, such as the ones on your face? (You'll be told though that it doesn't stop others appearing).

And this shouldn't stop you from telling your doctor that the problem is affecting your life to the extent that you have become clinically depressed. Tell your GP that, on top of your actual worry about their spread over your face and body, you are now clinically depressed and finding it difficult to cope. He or she can't know how dreadful it's all made you feel, unless you say so.

I'm sorry this probably won't lead to a referral for treatment of the spider veins, but you certainly will be able to get treatment for the resultant depression, to try to help you to come to terms with living with them.


A tea made from dandelion root and licorice root, is apparently really good for varicose veins and spider veins as well as being very helpful with fighting cancers. Try drinking daily and see if there's any improvement after a fortnight


I had spider veins on my face and legs. NOT COOL! I now use the Made from Earth Apple Cider Vinegar Toner, both on my face and the spider veins on my leg. Really good for clearing up redness, age spots & minimizing spider veins. Must have for those us over 50 whose skin is starting to change - this neutralizes your skins ph & doesn't leave it overly dry or too oily. I use it about 5 nights a week to clean my face.

The smell is not the best, it does smell like apple cider vinegar. . .but its worth the results!


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