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So today my 4 year old daughter has been crying in pain since 5pm with ear pain . Nothing would settle her .

Phoned the outime of hours at 8.15 no reply back from them . Phoned again at 9.15 and again at 11pm only to be told that my daughter disentangle need to be seen by a doctor .

They said can we look in her ear to see if it's red . How can I look in my daughters ear to see if her ear is red inside .

Last time she had ear pain like this we got fobbed off and I had to take in to our GPS the next day and was told then that she had an inner ear infection .

SUtley if a child is screaming in pain holding her hand up to her ear she needs to see a doctor .

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Have you got some junior paracetamol, i.e. Calpol, that should help, also holding something warm against her ear is comforting until you can see a doctor. If you can't see a doctor take her to a pharmacist, they can be very helpful. I hope that your username is a clue that you are in Cornwall but not in a very isolated area. Good luck and hope your little girl gets sorted out soon. Take care, Lizzy x


It's truly upsetting when a child's in pain and its often the case that you get robbed off.usually you can use a torch to try to have a look.A hot water bottle can help and of course calpol.


Red ear or not, if a child is in such severe persistent pain as you describe which is not controlled with the usual over the counter remedies (paracetamol and ibuprofen) and self care measures, then I feel they should ideally be seen by a doctor urgently.

The waiting times you describe are not unusual for OOH GP services, particularly at this time of year - please remember they are not an 'emergency service' (even A&E can have 4 hour waits).


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