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Canesten and the over 60s

If its true that Canesten can't be sold to over 60s cos women over 60 don't get vaginal thrush, what about men over 60 with athletes foot, possibly caught from diabetic well under 60 wife who does suffer from vaginal thrush. As a man, I am not very likely to get vaginal thrush at any age, but I do have athlete's foot which is very irritating. Is this just another crazy law with ageist consequences that some stupid jobsworth came up with?

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You can buy Canesten online even if you are over 60. I use it for eczema and have also bought the soap on ebay.


Probably ! They are now not doing a variety of Testing ,according to the News, especially in A&Es if still functioning , when there can be a direct link to utis & sepsis/pyuria? Worse still there is discrimination on grounds of age & gender & marital status .Just look how the noted urologists are mainly for men & cancer when there can be a sexual connection too effecting the mental too.

I don't understand this unreasonable administration ,as mine related to a disability found in research of utis acute 3 weekly causing infections & skin problems .However I know without careful use of antibiotics my life would be shortened & kidneys severely damaged as before had it diagnosed,as a child they had become scarred , yet the lovely ethical system prefers to blame lifestyle so can bully & ration .Why is it so adversarial ? Could it be the call centres on questionably unreasonable remits ,it chooses to adminster by are made probably by those using the private system ?!!


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