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Take my pain away, P-L-E-A-S-E!!!!

I had a stroke when I was 50 (hole of my heart - now closed). I am fine, with some little frustration but I really would like the government to have funding for DBS which would take my hemiplegic pain away!!

From my hair of my head to the toes of the foot on my right sided of my body, the pain I have is intolerable!! From freezer to fire, burning and itching, throbbing and stabbing, and others in between, that's my lot!! I was referred to Oxford but in funding in not available!!

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My sympathies. Living with long term pain is very draining, but I don't think this forum will help you obtain deep brain stimulation therapy. It doesn't really reach those people responsible for funding, or indeed anyone much with a great deal of influence in any medical matter.

Have you categorically been told that you are refused a referral due to funding not being available?

Because DBS is a relatively new treatment that needs to be matched to the patient quite carefully and there are other medical reasons why it may not be for you.

But in any case, if it's been refused for any reason you should liaise closely with your GP to discuss what pain relief strategies ARE open to you to help with this constant pain. Pinning your hopes on just this one op that you can't now have may be holding you back from other treatments that will help.

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