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Why is mental health not given the same priority as physical health? Shouldn't the funding be matched? I have a mental health condition and my biggest challenge is overcoming the stigma and the judgements made by the professionals. The worse thing to do to a mental health patient when they make a complaint is to blame it on the patient's a physical illness we cannot control it. Make access and services better to enable us to live like everybody else. Right to treatment is a right for everyone entitled to NHS Treatment regardless of their condition.

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  • Because they can't see it. The other issue is with High-Functioning depressed people, because they can work, and seemingly do everything everyone else can - they're clearly not ill. That's the most dangerous one, because it's the hardest to see.

  • This is exactly what happened to me when we had to attend my sons Inquest after NHS negligence lead to his death. They blamed their lack of engagement on my son's illness and said their job was 'difficult'. Why do they work there? There are procedures to follow - and they said they 'didnt think they were applicable'.

    So the GP and the mental health trust 'didn't think', and both lied and tried to cover up their negligence in not applying recommended practice laid down by specialists with far more experience than them; and both failed to complete correct investigation.

    The Ombudsman defended their failures for 7 years then finally admitted to only some of the negligence; and for the 7 years of PHSO abuse to me after my son's loss, they awarded me the sum total of £250. I returned it and asked what the hell was going on. They have not replied and continue to delay this injustice now 8 years onward. I will probably never see an end to this disgraceful and distressing affair.

    Meanwhile the NHS and their ignorant contractors are still killing people for exactly the same reasons because nothing was done about it at the time by the Ombudsman. It grieves me further to see young people going through the same 'mill' and ultimately dying of neglect under 'phony' mental health practitioners (like some GPs) who loook after themselves in the first instance.

    Strange how the media screams out if a physically injured person is left in a corridor for a few hours. My son was effectively "left in the corridor" for 5 years before dying from his negligently untreated condition. Just asking for the truth to be appreciated by the Ombudsman has wrecked me. The same negligent system defends itself AT ANY COST.

  • I can sympathise with you for what has happened as I have been in the mental health system (no mental illness diagnosis) and lost friends to suicide and I know procedures are not always adhered to nor correct care given BUT I am permanently in a wheelchair due to being treated as mentally ill after a very serious fall. A solicitor stated it was through medical neglect but after nearly 20 years I have had NO compensation at all, NO correct care ( should be free under NHS regs) and had to fight to get NHS wheelchairs after being fleeced by the system to buy my own. I got a mobility bungalow after living in a 2 bed oap's bungalow, part adapted for over 4 years with 2 teenage daughters who were basically forced to care for me, they were even asked "would you do mum's physio if we teach you?". Neither were qualified nor legally old enough to do so. I still do not have my needs correctly met and have found NO allowances are made for missed hospital appointments if ill, miss 2 you go to the bottom of the list or have to be re-referred same as anyone else. Some people in MH care would suffer more if their level of care was on a par with physical care as there is often none at all. At 10 and 12 my 2 daughters looked after me with a broken neck amongst other serious injuries as home care was 2 hours per week or NONE! I have seen both sides and feel both need lots of improvement, no matter what your age, gender, marital status (yes, they do discriminate, I was told would get more help if was married, I am divorced) or needs. The NHS is overworked, I have seen that too BUT maybe more preventative medication and care could cut down some patients needs. I usually get offered what I don't want or need NOT what I know I need. Maybe doctors should listen more, as well as doing more, and should not carry on errors other before them have left behind. Complaints make things worse for those who dare to complain and complaints are passed back or ignored and yes, even ombudsmen do this. Basically it is a failing system because most of it is not run for the patients but for the staff, some of whom forget they are there to care NOT just for the money. Medical care should be consistent across the country as it used to be and it used to be good, not post coded as it is now. I was denied the correct hospital due to a very nasty letter written by a GP. she had reason to cover up what had happened to me and then I was told the county would NOT fund what I did need as would be out of county! Not right at all as I have to live with the consequences of medical errors that could have prevented me being so dependent on a wheelchair and care for the rest of my life. I was, and still am when and where can be, very active and independent BUT have suffered for that too as some in the system do not like that in a disabled person. I only ever want what I need and what is my right within the system nothing more. Maybe both mental health, and physically disabled sides should get together and fight for what is necessary and something could be achieved for ALL!

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