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Still waiting for an Op!

I had ankle surgery nov 2014 and had more problems with it since.  Saw the surgeon again after having further MRI scan October 15 and told they would have to do further surgery to move my ankle over further as they hadn't done it enough the first time! Along with tendon work.  I am in a lot of pain and swelling, fall over as my ankle isn't stable and now have back pain terribly and take tramadol and diazepam.  I was told I would have the op Jan 16, then Feb 16 then 15th March which got cancelled, moved to 19th April that got cancelled so they referred it to be done quicker at the local private hospital.  I got a date today of 22nd June!!! 8 months after I saw him, I am so miserable with this and just want it done.  I rang the NHS who said sorry you are now private we cant help you to get an earlier date.  The private hospital said sorry its the NHS fault for keep cancelling! What an earth is going on, o and they said there is no guarantee June will go ahead but should do!!

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I can tell you what is going on   -  BMA's junior doctors dispute is causing mayhem with elective surgery.  They need to decide if they want to treat patients or stand on a picket line like over-aged students having trouble coming to terms with the responsibility of their paid job.  If they don't want to treat patients then move on and stop blocking much needed treatment.

Pl see my reply at healthunlocked.com/nhsengla...  



This has all been going on well before the strikes started......


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