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My UK relatives are suffering from a mystery condition with flu-like symptoms.

"we were both not well enough to see the new year in... We both had a bad cold & throat infections which I am still not fully over. Last night I was sick so not feeling great, I am having problems shaking off the cough & chestiness. There has been an

epidemic over here which has caused the hospitals to cancel operations [my emphasis]

but it is not flu. K took his dad into hospital the day before we went away as he could hardly breath or stand up so this was a worry to us as well. Fortunately he is now back home, still weak but getting better daily. C and all the kids have been bad as well, I do not know who has escaped this virus over here. M had her first birthday... but I was not well enough to visit them. "

What is going on? MRSA? Something worse?

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Did any of them have the flu vaccine ?


It's not anything to worry about, just a nasty viral infection. Both my daughter and I have had it and it lasts about 3-4 weeks. Tonsillitis is doing the rounds too. So no, it isn't MRSA or anything that serious.


There's a lot of it about! I had the flu vaccine (not sure that's relevant!) but am just recovering 10 days after identical symptoms. Thank god for the snooker on the telly lol.


I am on my 4th week with the stupid cough!


I had a problem like that in the 1980`s. I had what seemed like a low grade respraritory infection. It turned out to be a dodgy gas fire giving out fumes. The landlord was too mean to get it fixed. I moved out, & thanked my lucky stars that I found out what the problem was before I ended up gassed to death.

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Thanks for feedback. My relatives seem to be getting better now, with antibiotics.

No-one will identify the mystery virus.

There is (was) a joke among medical students: if you cannot identify an illness, blame it on a virus. Times were, you could blame it on witchcraft.


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