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G.P. Practice problems

I am worried about the state of G.P. surgeries in my town. One practice has closed (the largest one in town) Doctors from the other practices are covering the appointments,which I think is a commendable action and in the long term a good idea. BUT this has meant that appointments at my surgery are being covered by locums and this is not good.

I had a consultation with two locums,a month apart,both due to me having a bad cough. Nether locum did anything about my illness. Today I saw my own G.P. and it turns out that I have whooping cough. No tests or antibiotics were offered so I have had to cope with this along with my other multiple health issues.

I'm sure this would not have happened if my first consultation had been with my own G.P. who knows me and my health problems.

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If you had whooping cough after such a long time the doctor will not usually give you antibiotics because you have passed the infectious stage, and it would be no good now giving you a Sputum test. The only problem is, if you had it so long, how many people have caught it from you as it is highly contagious?

If I go to my GP which is not often, they always seem to have a trainee taking surgery. I think they give them all the chronic ills or cases the other GPs don't like, so one rarely gets to see the regular GP.

In reality, there is not much point in going, as you only have ten minutes, and can only discuss one problem.


Hi Owdsod, Thanks for your reply.

I know it is too late for treatment and that I could have infected other people. Luckily my husband,who has had lung cancer,didn't get it. Today I have found out that the local college has many students off with what appears to be Whooping cough.

The point being that locums don't have the commitment of a family doctor. Other people I know,including my daughter who is asthmatic,were treated by their G.P.s and recovered more quickly.

I trust my G.P. and have over the years he has become aware of my health issues and the relationship between my illnesses and my husbands.If I had been able to see him I'm sure he would have treated me for the sake of my husbands health.

Until recently I have always been able to see my G.P. or at a pinch one in the same practice. If G.P.s are overstretched both they and their patients are going to suffer.

My last consultation lasted half an hour. (and yes I was late going in as he was running late.) I had a list because it had taken so long to get an appointment.


I entirely agree with you


Thank you. :)


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