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NHS Change Day 2014 - less than a week to go!

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There’s just under a week to go until NHS Change Day 2014 – the largest single health improvement initiative in the world.

More than 200,000 people including NHS staff, patients and members of the public have already made their Change Day pledge. Up to half a million people are expected to get involved on March 3rd.

The idea of NHS Change Day is simple. The NHS belongs to all of us – and we all have the power to make it better.

Change Day asks each one of us to exercise that power by making one small pledge to improve something about the NHS.

Pledges can be big, small, serious or fun. They range from nurses pledging to smile at every patient to a doctor spending an hour ‘blocked and chocked’ on a spinal board to understand how it feels.

Members of the public are also getting involved in their thousands – pledging everything from making more effort to look after their health to not missing scheduled NHS appointments.

Find out more and get involved in the Change Day phenomenon at changeday.nhs.uk

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I pledge to continue giving positive or negative feedback on the Patient Opinion website

I pledge to push for good, appropriate health care for all

i pledge to get consultants to understand we are all diffrent

I pledge to give the appropriate feedback and be honest in doing so!

i pledge to always try to access the best health care and health services for the tenants i look after in a sheltered housing scheme

I pledge to support my medical centre and staff ( reception, nurses and Doctors ) in any way I can.

I pledge to make Orsett Hospital's ignorant endocrinologist as well informed on thyroid as I am.

I pledge to help where I can and if I am able.

I pledge to keep fighting for the best care possible for my husband even when doctors keep telling a hundred and one different stories about his condition, and then don't listen.

I pledge to continue to provide advice and support to anyone tryng to improve their health and fitness

I pledge to continue to provide support and advice to anyone else who is trying to improve their health and fitness

I pledge to comment on positive and negative aspects of my treatment and care.

I pledge to do anything I can to help and support anyone who needs it and to give positive and negative feedback of my treatment and care.

I pledge to continue to raise awareness of the symptoms of Ovarian and Primary Peritoneal Cancer.

I pledge to give positive and negative feedback and continue to fight for our health

I pledge to seek for the best health care we all deserve

I pledge to keep pushing for what is right for sufferers of endometriosis rather than being shunned by healthcare professionals.

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PaulT14u in reply to CeriM

Painful periods. The pain typically begins a few days before the period and usually lasts the whole of the period. It is different to normal period pain which is usually not as severe, and doesn't last as long.

Painful sex. The pain is typically felt deep inside, and may last a few hours after sex.

Pain in the lower abdomen and pelvic area. Sometimes the pain is constant, but is usually worse on the days just before and during a period.

Other menstrual symptoms may occur. For example, bleeding in between periods.

Difficulty becoming pregnant (reduced fertility). This may be due to clumps of endometriosis blocking the passage of the egg from an ovary to the Fallopian tube. Sometimes, the reason for reduced fertility is not clear.

Uncommon symptoms include pain on passing poo (faeces), pain in the lower tummy (abdomen) when you pass urine, and, very rarely, blood in the urine or faeces. Very rarely, patches of endometriosis occur in other sites of the body. This can cause unusual pains in parts of the body that occur at the same time as period pains.

I can totally understand how you feel ie neglected by Doctors/Practioners. I wish you all the best :)

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CeriM in reply to PaulT14u

Thank you, its refreshing to know that there are some people who understand us out there. :)

I pledge to continue to support 38degrees and AVAAZ and any other campaigns to stop the government privatising our NHS.

My Pledge is to get re-refered back to rhuematology and challenge my useless ex consultant who discharged me calling me "A waste of his time, taking up a space for people with REAL PAIN *....*.

Also going to be more Assertive with my GP.

I pledge to persist in requesting that blood tests ordered by Endocrinologists and GPs for making an accurate diagnosis for Thyroid patients must be done..Anyone in the lab who ignores these requests is not only undermining the work of our health professionals but is denying patients receiving the right treatment to enable them improve their quality of life as soon as possible. The present wide ranges used in UK as being " Within Range" or " Normal " are unsatisfactory and misleading.Many patients are being left either undiagnosed or under treated,sometimes for Decades.

There is no " One Size Fits All" where Thyroid Issues are concerned. We are told that the Thyroid controls glands throughout our bodies .....How can those glands perform their function efficiently,if we don't know whether they are receiving the optimal amount of hormones needed?

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carerof in reply to

this is worrying to read, only today i had to give blood for a thyroid test,i am experiencing hair loss, palpitations, and anxiousness sometimes, all symptoms of thyroid issues.

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anaroma in reply to carerof

The stress of worrying about it will cause the same symptoms, If your waiting for results. the best thing is to take it easy and take up some relaxation methods, every thing improves in a relaxed state. hope this helps.

I pledge to continue giving positive or negative feedback on the Patient Opinion website

I pledge to comment on the NHS good and bad to help others

I pledge to help my local doctor understand how it feels to have a lifelong chronic health condition and chronic pain so I can effectively answer the senior partners question, " why are you waking like a duck?"

I pledge to make more people aware of esophageal cancer and doctors to correctly diagnose this disease

I pledge to inform the consultants at tunbridge wells and Maidstone hospitals about Fybromyalgia, I want them to be as informed as I am about this dreadful disease, that is not in the head.

I pledge to one day get GP's/Consultants to understand ALL my conditions - PBC, Underactive Thyroid, IBS, Divertulitis, Fibromyalgia, Osteopenia - instead of treating me like a nuisance and a lost cause.

It's another reminder to get those that work hard (the wallflowers) to get noticed and recognised and those that are heard but do very little to get booted out and replaced by genuine caring staff.

I pledge to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, basically carry on how I am now. Truth always wins!

I pledge the make doctors etc that were not all the average or the normal and that some have problems out side the box

I pledge to help anyone diagnosed with cancer by providing emotional support and helping to promote early diagnosis particularly with Lung Cancer.

I pledge to help student doctors understand my illness and to help any way I can to find a cure like giving extra bloods biopsies etc whenever I can.

I pledge to try to educate my rheumy and anyone else I can think of as to the effects of lupus including the public at large.

I pledge to spread my knowledge of Lymphoedema and Lipoedema. If more healthcare professionals were aware of these little-known conditions, it wouldn't take years for people to be correctly diagnosed and to get the treatment people desperately need for these conditions.

I pledge to make GPs and the Govenment under stand that COPD /EMPHYSEMA is a serious condition, and a Disability.

I pledge to develop an awareness campaign for genetic haemochromatosis, an often un diagnosed condition that can lead to liver failure.

I pledge to continue to work to try and improve things for all patients that require medical help.

"I pledge to give my feedback good and bad of the health and care services I experience".

I pledge to give feedback, whether positive or negative and relate my experiences of the NHS.

I pledge to give positive and negative feedback on my care on the Patient opinion website.

I pledge to tell everyone I know about the C25K site and forem. It's such a good way to start running and continue with it. Also when a survey is sent to me I pledge to fill it in as well as possible and always to do it. :) :) :xx

I pledge to keep fighting for everyone who's body & brain don't function as they used to but look 'normal' on the outside!!!!

I pledge to give appropriate feedback on my frequent trips to hospital and to make people aware that our NHS will be lost if we allow the constant chipping away of services to privatisation. It is being allowed to fail as a political pointer towards privatisation. My children's father died in America after being quite wealthy - he had brilliant care until his health insurance ran out!!,,

I pledge to do anything I can to help and support anyone who needs it and to give positive and negative feedback of my treatment and care.

To help the medical profession understand blackouts.

i pledge to help anyone i can using my 20 years experience of poor service by the NHS and finding an endo who listens discovering Armour and a little light at the end of a very long difficult frustrating tunnel

I pledge to put doctors who neglect or hurt peaple because thay neglected .to go to court and be judged like a person would murdering some one or by assaulting some one and to be sent down there's no room for doctors or nurse who do wrong in there line of work thay can't afford too its a life and life's special

I pledge to continue pushing to keep the choice of accessible cancer treatment options open and improving or maintaining the cancer journey for all

I am a patient and happy to discuss my treatment,I attend the chest clinic at the North Middx hospital.I have C.O.P.D. Emphysema.

I pledge to try to be relentless in pursuing answers and challenging clinicians. Patients must be equal partners in a relationship based on mutual respect. Health interventions must be negotiated and fully explained.

I pledge to to give my honest opiion of any treatment I may recieve

Just a load of silly and hyped PR.

What they should really do is say nowt, and just get on with improving things. When people can see those improvements, then they will comment on how it has all got better.

If the NHS can't get better, it cannot do the same for it's patients.

In the past we have had so many Pledges from various people in high authority we should know by now it is all just meaningless hype!

I pledge to encourage consultants to remember that they're dealing with people who have feelings and need emotional support too.

To listen in order to. Learn in order to change. To communicate through listening and learning g from those with experience in order to educate those who need to be educated all in the field of working in movement disorders.

I pledge to continue to raise symptom awareness of Ovarian Cancer and I pledge to give supportive feedback to others on this journey

I pledge to increase awareness to consultants/ Doctors to realise that all of us display different symptoms and experience different pain levels and it is important that each and everyone of us need to be taken seriously when explaining what we as individuals are going through with this condition

I pledge to smile more for my wife who has had to look after me for the last 10 years due to my spinal injury.She is my best mate and gaurdian angel.

I pledge to do research with patients to improve pre operation preparation and post operative recovery and lead to better health and fitness after open heart surgery whether for by pass or valves.

I pledge to see substandard GP's replaced with better health care professionals and the patient in the heart of the system not money or bully, arrogant snobs.

I pledge to give feedback if asked and be part of any panel on pain management or drug issue, if I am able.

I pledge to try and accept my conditions rather than battling against them, to be positive and hope on a better future

I pledge to convince anyone with a persistent cough to see their GP and insist on an X-ray.


I pledge to take preventative measures about my own health and wellbeing and will encourage others to do the same

I have already lost weight and changed my life style.

I pledge to exercise more patience and take more care with those who look after me

I pledge to be more assertive with my GP and to ensure them that I am not a time waster and that my pain is REAL. I have not worked full time all my life and brought up my family, to then get a kick out of having to make sometimes weekly trips to the doctor to seek help for my condition(s). My only mistake was to be brainwashed in to believing the Dr's for years that it was because I was a busy working mum, that I then had so many issues stockpiled. I pledge to educate my GP's on how their dismissal of some people's pain can affect them greater.

I pledge to be patient & tolerant & try not to lose my temper during the 2 hours travelling to and the 2 hours travelling back from M/R Royal Eye Hospital & during the 2 to 5 hour wait to be seen.

I pledge to give open and honest feedback

I pledge to give honest and appropriate constructive criticism for the improvement of our beloved NHS.

I pledge to help all that are having problems keeping their cholesterol down and get side effects from the use of statins ,i would never wish anyone to go through what i went through

I promuse to persist illuminating trusts to their obligation to both provide & defend accessible parking, toilets and access. I however refuse to continue to plead for appropriate pain management brcause medics are ignorant about... instead I promise to escalate complaints about negligence in care to the GMC and if necessary to hold clinicians personally responsible for my suffering when their personal ignorance clouds their professional judgnent.

i pledge to make more people aware of hidden illnesses such as fibromyalgia,me,depression and all other hidden illnesses

I pledge to stand up for my self as doctors seem to think they know everything about everything there is no shame in discussing and admitting a patient is clued up on their condition.

I pledge to give good honest feedback on and to all NHS professionals ....... I just want a better NHS for everyone.

I always give feedback after either a very good or very bad experience within the NHS - when they are neither one nor the other I let it go and try persistently to get a more positive experience and when I do then I feed that back too. I write my feedback on the patient opinion website and it is gratifying to notice that I have had replies to all except my comment about my GP practice! :)

I pledge to continue to provide advice .

I pledge to help fight for better (maybe older) treatment and medication for all Auto Immune conditions and to find the truth behind current problems with Thyroid medication.

I will give my pledge to help other people

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