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I suffer from mittleshmertz, painful periods and flooding, I am sterilised and was told by 3 consultants I need a hysterectomy but as I was

Under 30 at the time they couldn't do it, and to try the depo for now this has helped my symptoms however I have now been told I can't have it anymore due to an increase in my migraines, I have been back to see my gp and they are refusing to refer me back to gynacology unless I have the coil that I am against and refuse to have it.

I don't know where to turn next and am frightened that all my symptoms mainly the pain will come back.

Please help

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I also have 10 children between myself and my husband, 2 grandchildren and am a Carer for an elderly relative who lives with us so as you can imagine it will be difficult when the symptoms come back as the nock me off my feet for days and have to have gas and air from a&e to relieve the pain


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