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Is my constant itchy scalp neuritis?


My issue dates back 7 years where I had an intensely itchy scalp like a crawling sensation for a month. It has since come back for 2 weeks at a time then disappears. Until last year when it came back April 2017 it has gone for 2 months then has been there pretty much for a year. It is an unbearable need to scratch it and is like a crawling sensation all over my head. I have been back and forth to a gp who has prescribed strong antihistamines, steroid cream and after blood tests my b12 was very low however after injections monthly the itch didn’t go away.

After losing faith in my gp I saw 2 trichologists who said they can’t see any physical symptoms so ruled out any dermatological causes. So my gp suggested it could be a nerve problem, nerves misfiring and causing the itch. After googling nerve damage can be a result of b12 deficiency. My doctor prescribed me Amitriptyline a 10mg dose however the itch persisted.

The itch is constant and making my life hell - I’ve forgotten what life was like without this problem and don’t want to live with it anymore.

Does it sound like it could be neuropathic itch? Something caused by my b12 and strangely just isolated to my scalp?

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