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amazing 20 week scan

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I had my 20 week scan this afternoon and after literally 2 months of deciding whether to find out the sex or not and changing our minds daily, we decided to find out and we have got a little boy!!! am so happy its unreal, its feeling even more real now that I have a healthy baby boy inside me. I now need to think of the perfect name as I had one for a girl! me and my partner are on top of the world right now!!! :) :)

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Congratulations thats lovely news

x x x

AWW Congrats a little boy :) same as me... :) great news xxx

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thank u ladies, I feel so happy and full of good thoughts :) xx

A.. a cute little dude growing happily inside! Congratulations! xxx

Congratulations, wonderful news!

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Ahhhh lovely glad all went Ok x

Congratulations xxxx yeah another baby boy :)

Congrats Hun on finding out the sex of baby. :-)xx

When are you due Ceribean? you must eb around the same time as me. i found out last week i was having a baby boy. its so exciting to know. congrats xx

Aw congratulations that's great news. I found out I'm having a girl two weeks ago, think its nice to know if you want to be organised like I do. lol.

Congrats again :-)

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thanks ladies, am due 7th sept laurah123, wen u due? I am just too impatient to not know :) xx

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