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21 week scan & couldn't see baby's stomach


Hi ladies i'm wondering if any of you have experianced this? I went for my 21 week scan today and they were unable to see they babys stomach. They said that a baby usually fills and emptys it stomach every15-20mins which they can see from the ultrasound but this didn't happen for our baby even though she kept going back to check and we were in there for 45 mins. She has asked us to come back for another scan in 2 weeks to have another look but it would be great to know if this has happened to anyone else and what the outcome was?


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I've never heard of that but that a bit naughty to leave u up in the air like that I'dgive ur midwife a call and chat to her about it. . Hope u find someone on here can put ur mind at rest xx

Never heard of that. But it can also be because of the student sonographer or an amateur one. In my case they were not able to measure head and tail (rear) of the baby and the sonographer was pressing my stomach in a rather odd and amateur way which probably scared the baby even more (as she completely ducked her head in my pelvic region) and was also not able to locate the arms of the baby properly

But over the next scan (two weeks later) the sonographer was a real mature one and she did everything in 15 minutes and all was well.

So I would say, it might just be baby lying in certain position or the amateur sonographer or the both. But if you are finding it difficult to rest your head for the next two weeks, than surely see your mid-wife or rather GP. and maybe go for a quick private scan if its possible.

take care

I had this, and on my next scan they saw it fine, don't worry it's baby position!

I think some people exist just to trybto freak others out!! it's Quite common not to be able to get a specific view at an anomaly scan and to need a repeat - 1 in 5 need an extra scan - look at it as a free extra peek at bump! It has NOTHING to do with the expertise of the ultrasonographer, and more to do with the fact you have a free moving, autonomous abdominal 'appendage!'!! If you have a normal volume of amniotic fluid and babies tummy wall and diaphragm were normal that there is no problem. Good luck with the repeat scan!

Yes completely normal Hun I went for a 21 week scan and they couldn't see kidneys and bladder, so I was aske to come back a week later and all was fine and in the right place baby was in a better position too. Xx

Thanks ladies the baby was lying in an awkward position so hopefully that's all it is, ill keep u posted x

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