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One Bloody Nightmare, literally!!!!!

Well, got woken up this morning(Sunday) early hours at 1.28am to a wet sensation in my Pjs, thought oh bugger I have wet myself (this is my 3rd pregnancy at 12weeks to the day and no previous bed wetting experiences).

Went to the toilet and my bottoms were sopping in blood and the bed bottom sheet was stained. When I wiped there was fresh red blood and clots on the tissue. I instantly thought crap, what the hell do I do.

I woke my husband up and told him and asked him what he thought I should do. I didn't really want to disturb him as he had an early start on Sunday but I thought he would be annoyed if I didn't wake him, so I did.

I rang 111 to ask for advise as thought 999 was a little extreme. The phone operator asked me a few standards questions like "Am I currently breathing" WTF......"Erm Yes I think so" was my reply, but joking aside he said that as I was clotting I needed medical assistance and he had requested an ambulance crew to come and see me.

15mins later the ambulance crew arrived and didn't want to take any risks so took me to A&E Majors where I was assesed. 3.5hours later the Gyane Consultant came down to examine me internarlly and went through the sarnarios with me and before she examined me said if the Cervixs is open then she is sorry but I would have had a mc. They put those plastic duck beck things in but as there was to much blood and clots (sorry for TMI) had to have assistance from a another doc and a mopping up session in their. The mopping up proceeded and another internal examination took place where she conformed our worst fear that my cervixs seemed to be open and that she was awfully sorry but there is nothing they can do to prevent a mc.

When they took their instrument out of the cubicle me and my husband just looked at each other and burst out crying, we are not normally emotional people but the thought of a lose which was out of your control just gets to you, we hugged for abit, then ever the optimist my husband is, clung on to the fact that she did say "seemed to be open". As I had had a previous mc in Dec she said she would reffer me for a scan but if they discharge me it wouldn't be till Wednesday or if she admitted me on a ward an emergency scan would be arranged for sometime on Sunday. Of course I choose to be admitted (duh!!).

I was on the ward for about 1.5hours then the scan man was ready to see me, my bleeding by this time had reduced and I only had a tiny amount on my pad.

As I was 12 weeks he said he would try an ultra sound scan first instead of internal even though my bladder was empty, which I was relived at.

The ultra sound scan was clear enough for us to see, there it was our little squiggly Jelly bean baby........... prancing and jumping about with it's little heart fluttering away. We of course burst in to tears again and for some unknown reason I wanted to hug the scan man, I think I was over tired and over emotional but I didn't hug him I restrained, I just touched his arm.

He said he could see blood in my foo foo wall from my cervixs through the passage way but my placenta was in tact he couldn't even see why I would have lost the blood so it remains a mystery and he wasn't concerened.

I think it is going to be a girl as it is causing me grief all ready, my two boys pregnancy seemed a doddle compared to this monkey. Feel like I have had 10 rounds with Mike Tyson downstairs though now, very tender but releived all the same that is could of been a hell of a lot worse.

Felt bad on my husband as he was supposed to be going on a Supercar driving experience today which was xmas prezzie of our sons and they have said we can't get our money back if we cancelled. Gutted but it was out of our control, I will let him drive my Freelander if he is a good boy. ;-)

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Oh wow, you have been through hell! Are you on bed rest now? And are they checking to make sure your cervix closes?

I'm soooo pleased baby is fighting to survive and I hope he/ she. Stays put.

Best wishes and I hope you gets lots of rest now, take care xxxx


They discharged me and told me to take it easy for 4/6 weeks. The bleeding should turn to brown blood now over to the next 5days on a pad but if it doesn't and I carry on loosing blood and get cramping pains then to contact them back.

There is nothing they can do to stop the bleeding so got to sit tight.


omg hun, sounds like a day/time from hell. Are u home now and able to rest? Glad ur little munchkin is still there. I pray for u and your family that everything will be well. I wouldn't worry about your other halfs present, things like that can be done another time, a life is definitly more important!! take care x


Oh my giddy aunt, you've really been through it and no mistake! What a frightful experience with a silver lining at the end thank goodness. You poor lamb. Fingers crossed your squiggly jelly bean keeps on squiggling, that the bleeding subsides and that you never have to go through anything this worrying again with this pregnancy. Hope you have the opportunity to get some decent rest. Sending you my love and best wishes. x


Blimey, what a horrendous experience finished off with what must have been the best feeling in the world at the scan. It sounds like you were really calm and handled the situation beautifully, I really hope it was just some weird blip and the rest of your pregnancy is trauma free! Keep us updated :-)


What a day bless you. .. Great news that baby is Ok hope it stops asap I had a bleed this morning nothing compared to u but still scared me... You must of been so worried. . Put them feet up and take it easy xx


What a horrendous and emotional time for you. So pleased to hear the baby is ok, and I can imagine your joy when getting the good news! You make sure you rest, it's too important to not look after yourself now. I love a fighter! :)


God ! your baby is a real fighter and so are you. Bless her/him. I cant even imagine the emotions you both went through, but I got so teary eyed reading your experience. I hope things get better with both mommy and baby for the next weeks and throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

hugs !


I can't imagine the rollercoaster the two of you have just been on. Good luck and great to hear bubba is all safe! Take care and this is a great reason to rest up, difficult with boys to look after!


We had a similar xperience at 16w- had brown blood for about 10 days after the initial fresh blood loss. There was never a reason found for it but we are now 25w and tiuch wood no further probs xxx


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