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Caesarean under general anaesthetic due to placenta previa


Hi, I'm now 26 weeks pregnant and have placenta previa. My placenta is completely covering my cervix and anterior.

So I'm a planned section anyway due to 2 previous sections and a neo natal death. However, my midwife has said that due to my placenta being anterior the would have to cut through it to get to baby and may do a general anaesthetic.

Me and hubby have already talked and we agree that he wouldn't ring anyone until I had come round and was ok.

I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of this. Anything would be useful

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Wow this actually sounds really scary.

Im guessing your local hospital have invited you to have extra scans just to monitor any changes or progress. Is it possible the placenta can be shifted slightly "either before or during the caesarean?.

Just the thought of the operating doctor/nurse having to cut through it " under local anaesthestic to deliver the baby makes me shiver in fright.

I must admit i admire your courage at the fact you & your hubby have made the decision to not mention anything until you've recovered and done.


I guess you've got a Lil more time to prepare hopfully circumstances could change slightly.


Oh bless u, must be a worry for you that u won't be awake, can't u have a chat with your consultant they will be able to give u a more informed decision, years ago they cut u from belly button down will they have to do that? ? Pregnancy is such an emotional rollacoaster isn't it, hope it all works in your favour, just as long as baby is Ok and you xx

I have extra scans due to previous problems and now even more due to my placenta.

I have another scan in 2 weeks so will just see how things go.

I'm actually quite calm about it but having had a neo natal death anything that keeps me and baby safe is fine by me.

My placenta may move so keeping fingers crossed, will let you know how things go

I had Anterior placenta previa and mine has stretched right up out the way in just 4 weeks so dont panic yet xx

Hi!sounds a bit scary but am sure it will be ok in the end.i also have placenta previa and now am 31 weeks pregnant with my first one.i moved to another city and have a massive gap between midwife check ups...slightly worried about not having enough scans and check ups donne.sometimes i feel left on my own..

Pootlestw in reply to marinapol

I hope you feel that there is people on here who can support you.

I wouldn't worry about number of scans etc. I have loads but due to other things not my placenta.

My midwife was happy to go 8 weeks without seeing me. She also pointed out that she had a lady who had placenta previa really badly but it wasn't diagnosed and she continued exercise and everything and it wasn't til she was in labour that they realised.

Staying calm and taking it easy. Hope you're ok xx

How many weeks will you be when they book you in for you to have your baby? Did you see on One born when that lady was petrified of giving birth and she went under general to have her baby, I dont think you are under for long are you.

I had to go and have the placenta surgically removed after my second and I said to my husband that he wasn't to dare ring anyone until I had come back from surgery. I got to call my mum myself then where as with our first son he called everyone.

Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl??

Hey, I plan to have a c section under general anaesthetic too; no medical reason for it but I'm very scared of giving birth and I don't want the spinal block either as I'm terrified of being paralysed or something...anyway I'm only coming up for 11 weeks myself but I'm 100% sure this is what I want so I'd be really interested to hear what your experience was as I only know one other woman who's had a c section under general anaesthetic but obviously I want to get as many opinions as possible so I know what to expect. Also any other tips/advice about c sections would be great too; don't want to hijack your thread but I'm struggling to find other women in a similar position to me. Good luck with everything xxx

Hi porscha,

I've had 1 natural birth and 2 planned sections with spinal block.

My sections have been fine, recovery was better than I expected. I got a sheet off the physio of do's and don'ts and stuck to it and recovered brilliantly.

My scar is tiny and not noticeable it's so faint.

If you want any other info message me, I don't mind at all xx

porschaxx in reply to Pootlestw

Ah thankyou so much for replying :)

From what I've learnt so far the key seems to be taking it easy and not rushing back into things, if I think of anything else I want to ask then I'll drop you a message :)

Thanks again xx

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