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Anyone else have aversions to clothing?

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I don't like any material on my tummy. It's been like that for a few months! Even natural fibres. Anything touching my tummy I want off of it! I'm not working at the moment so it's ok for me to be commando most of the day but wondered what it is about pregnancy that has caused this dislike of material on my skin?

I've had to have the baby monitored a few times when I've visited the assessment unit and the material to attach the monitors to itch my skin. I don't want it on me! Absolutely fine rubbing in bio oil or cocoa butter on my skin.

Anyone got an explanation to skin sensitivity increasing? Very curious! :)

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I'm completely the opposite! Had to go out and buy M&S granny knickers as I hate anything not fully covering my bump - it's going to start getting tricky soon!

Lol! I'm still wearing my normal pants, they still fit but has to be right underneath the tummy. Just can't have anything touching my bump apart from my hands for rubbings and strokings of Squiggly! Granny pants are quite cool though... I have disposable pants for when I go to hospital - sexy huh? :)

I don't like clothes beneath my belly, so I got over the bump leggings and knickers lol

Heh heh! :) Under belly jeans for me, can barely cope with those. Nudity of Kaleidoscope I think! Everything feels pinchy or horrid on my skin! :)

Yeah! I remember during the last stages of my 1st pregnancy experiencing simular problems. The best thing to try is by changing the detergent you currently use to "maybe a non-bio" one at times the enzymes in many washing products can irretate our skin

"espicially in pregnancy as our skin is streching"

Fairy non-bio is a good one.


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Oh I'll, have to check, not sure if I have the non bio or not! Thanks for the tip! :) xx

The top of my tummy is really sensitive to fabric. No where else, just along the top. My bra isn't rubbing so I don't have any idea why. The skin there is so sensitive it almost feels like stinging to have fabric against it, and like you, I can rub moisturisers in fine, even my bare hands, but fabric is torture! Unfortunately I work in a sandwich shop and I don't think they'd appreciate me turning up for work only half dressed! A few weeks ago I was quite happy in over bump tights and leggings etc, but i can't stand them now. I thought it was just me as I naturally have quite sensitive skin, but I think I'll ask the midwife at my next appointment on Wednesday. X

Any material of any sort on my tummy is just not nice! I can't even stand my bra on! As soon as I know I don't have to go out, everything is off! I haven't been able to wear anything over the bump, not jeans nor tights, just end up hoisting it down to below my belly and even then I don't like it!

I just had an interesting vision of serving sandwiches with nothing but an apron on... I see that it would not be a good idea! I'm just glad I'm not doing any office work at the moment otherwise I'd spend most of the day concealing me trying to lift a top up to free the belly! x

My mom dont like it even after 20 years of giving birth to her last born :P most times we would find her resting with her belly showing! Gross :P

I am not liking my boobs being tied - I guess they have gone more sensitive, I cant wear a bra for more than 2-3 hours, it starts suffocating and itching me. Surprisingly they are happier in a t-shirt without bra or bra-pads. Thank God I have option to work from home. But I am also little worried about boob-sagging due to this :(

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The only benefit to being on maternity leave is that if I don't leave the house I can be naked and free! Or at least belly and boobs out! A pregnant friend of mine due around the same time is living in bikini's or just plain nude when she's at home! I'm planning to breast feed and I've had more than my fair share of pert boobage over the years and enjoyed my pre-pregnancy body to the full so if things change I'm ok about that (or at least I think I will be! ;) ). Push up bra's here I come. I always had small boobs pre-pregnancy so it's quite fun being told I'll need a 34F after I give birth! I'll enjoy every moment before they shrivel up to what they once were or sag! The best thing will be I'll have a lovely Squiggly in my life! :)

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Oh! yes getting bigger boobs is also something which I am enjoying ;) hehehehehe

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I'm the same! So glad some other people feel like this, my boobs have grown from a 32E to a 36G :-( and are so uncomfortable all I can wear is a crop top type thing, even maternity bras are so uncomfortable! And I don't wear anything at home. Bit worried about the sagging issue too though! And I should really get measured for a nursing bra as I'm having an section in two weeks, but I don't want a bra! I want to hang free ;-)

Lol sounds so funny u going about ur business virtually naked. . Would be better if it was a bit warmer. . Gotta do what u gotta do just don't get caught out in ur birthday suit could u just imagine forgetting and answering the door lol. ..xx

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Almost happened when I was answering the door for a delivery... naked pregnant bodies are quite the sight, luckily I found my dressing gown en route which reminded me... I did not have the dressing gown on... it went on pronto! Phew! Blushes saved! ;)

I couldn't stand tight clothing over my bump so all trousers were under the bump and top either short or loose fitting (depending if I was at home or work/out) so know how you feel. No idea why it happens though, just glad I didn't need to wear a support belt! By keeping my belly well moisturised it did get more bearable to have things touching it :-)

I got too 8 months and litterally couldn't stand clothes! Not even socks! I did keep my clothes on but it was hard.. Daughter was born at the end of december and I constantly tried going out in just a t-shirt because I was so fed up of how material felt on my skin.

And as for saggy boobs.. I'm now a 36G and no saggyness! I did some excercise in the gym when my daughter was 4 months old for 2 months and it tightened the skin and that 'loose' skin went

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