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20+5 weeks pregnant with abdominal pain caused by a previous c-section can anyone relate?

I had a c-section 4 years ago with my daughter and all has been fine since, midwife at the time said I was healing really well but very quickly which was unusual normally takes about 6 weeks for a section to heal on the outside. I am now nearly 21weeks pregnant and for at least the past 4 weeks I have had pains when moving around, docs say its ligament pain and sounds like I haven't healed properly internally from my previous section. Over the past 4 days the pain has gotten worse and all I can take is paracetamol which arnt really doing much. I am fine when sitting down but as soon as I stand up , walk or lift It pulls and really hurts. Does anyone have any suggestions to helping the pain ease. My consultant has put me down for another section which this baby if I go full term if its prem like my daughter was they saying to try and natural birth but I am really worry about what a natural birth will do to my insides when I am already in pain and very uncomfortable. Its only going to get worse as I get bigger aswell. Can anyone advise who as been or is in a similar situation?



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Hi Julie, I'm only 10 weeks but have got similar pains and had a section 3 years ago. It is worrying and I am also concerned what a natural birth may do to my insides, but my midwife told me that something like 80% (dont quote me!) of people who had a section first time can have a natural birth the next so I guess that's quite promising! I've been offered a special antenatal class for people considering normal birth after a section (vbac) so perhaps there may be a similar one in your area? Good luck and I hope the pain gets better soon!! X


Aww congratulations

Thanks for that abit of reinsurance goes along way. I am so worried about birth anyway just because I have never done it before and its new to me. Having a section was easy.

My pain first started around 10 weeks and cramping to, then eased off and just started to get worse the bigger I am getting. I am going to speak to my midwife about it anyway not enjoying being pregnant, my body is not coping well with it at all. Will have a look for classes in my area thanks.

Hope your pregnancy goes well. Good luck :-)


I've had 2 vbac after and I've been fine but I never felt any pain during my pregnancies..although there was a 9 year gap..but I was induced a week early as I was worried having a big baby vaginally after a section...I always think pain is not right and needs investigating especially if u are going too have a vbac, def make sure ur happy with the decision, u can have a section again if u want xx


Can I ask about ur induction? I was under the impression that it was unsafe to b induced after a section. Advice would b appreciated.

I was on patocin with my 1st as my waters went naturally but my contractions wernt strong enough then pretty much stopped . baby had decelerations so I was taken to theatre then he stabilised , so i was took back to ward and started on drip again and his decels were worse so they stopped drip and decided to proceed with section.


I'm 20 weeks and finding my bump so uncomfortable, it pretty much aches all the time! my emergency section was just over 3 years ago! Even elasticated pants start 2 dig in and agrovate me. Got my scan tomorro so was gona ask them to have a check around and make sure everything was looking ok. Iv asked Other people that had sections and baby's again and they said they were fine so I thought it was just me! It feels like I'm gona pop, didn't feel this uncomfortable till the final week or so with my son and very worried about how it's only gona get worse : (

Pretty sure I'm going 4 elective although I didn't find the 1st 1 easy! I can't deal with the thought of ending up with another emergency so going in feet 1st knowing what im going in for on my say so.

When going 4 vbac the info I found said u go in with the same chance of ending with a section as u did the 1st time ! Don't know if it makes a difference if u laboured or if u had 1 for other reasons other than medical. Also it's more successful if a natural delivery had been had b4 a section.

If u don't want to try to go natural at all then insist on section for all eventualities, they can't make u do anything ur not comfortable with.


Hi I'm the same very uncomfortable and the bigger I am getting the more painful it is, very leggings irritate me to so your not the only one. Yes I have spoken to people who have had sections and have further pregnancies how have been fine but it all depends on how your body has healed in itself everyone if different.

I spoke to my midwife yesterday after hearing posts on here and I actually have an appointment with her at 3.00 today to get checked out but she did say it could be that the internal stitches I had when I had my section have caused the scar tissue to attached itself to the inside of my whom (has a propa name but cant remember it, baby brains kicked in well and truly today :-) this would be causing pain but I do have to be careful if thats what it is as if I over do it (in labour) I could end up with internal bleeding. Midwife thinks this is why my consultant has put me down for a vaginal birth only if I have a prem / small baby so the impact wont be as painful. I am having monthly growth scans from 23weeks to check the babies weight and progress so we can make solidly plans if I do need a section.

Midwife last night said the only thing to do with the pain apart from taking regular paracetamol is to try swimming as the water takes the pressure off so shouldn't be painful and strengthens all the muscles in your tummy which makes carry the baby easier if you have good muscles to support it. Also mentioned sleeping on my left with pillows behind my bank to stop me rolling over onto my right side this allows the blood flow from the main artery to flow easily to avoid spasms and cramping.

Hope this helps. xx


Hi jds123, my waters went with the first one but no contractions so put the drip up, as I have strep b so have to deliver within 24hours...with the second I had my waters broke and drip up until my contractions really kicked in then they switched it off and let it happen naturally...that was my best labour ever! Very experienced and fantastic midwife...with the first vbac absolutely crap midwife so the care is very important! If this one ends in a section I can only hope it was as straightforward as the last one but all the stories I'm hearing about pain is not refreshing...


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