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Went to the early scan unit (after they changed my appointment) to have a scan. Apparently im 6 weeks and 4 days, the lady scanned me and said she can see the sac but not baby. So of course i got worried and feared the worst and said just to tell me its all over so i can prepare myself, but she said not to get worked up, as she said that it could just be because its still early days. She also said some people do have bleeding in early pregnancy its normal. She was trying to make me feel better, but she said that is unknown what can happen from here. I asked weather she could hear a heartbeat and she said not at this stage. She did a pregnancy test aswell and it still came back positive (although one of the lines where a bit faint) and i do still feel pregnant. I had to do a hormone blood test to see how high or low my pregnancy hormones are, and i have another one on friday and i also find out my results. The nurse was trying o make me feel good but tbh im just expecting the worst. My boyfriend is really trying to stay positie and trying to help me aswell, but im just thinking the worst. I just feel really down and sad and confused. Now i have the agonising wait untill friday. The nurse couldnt even give me answers. Just feel like giving up. Im hardly bleeding now, its more brownish, im not getting any pain, ad i dontfeel the same as when i previously miscarriaed. But it starts then stops. Im trying to b positve nd not worry, but its very hard. Just dont jnow how to feel.

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I'm not surprised your feeling scared and expecting the worst!

Don't give up yet, once you have had both blood tests this will confirm whats going, basically the hcg should double or there abouts.

Regarding her seeing the sack this is good, at my six week scan a sac could be seen plus a couple of dots, they call it the Diamond ring, I did see the heartbeat 'just' nearly missed it, it's so tiny. Plus the heartbeat can start at anytime at six weeks, you may have missed it going into action by an hour!

I do know how you feel being in limbo, but keep really busy and I wish you the best for Friday.

Massive hugs xxxx

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I just hope the hormone test comes back ok. Im praying so hard. I guess i should keep my hopes up. My boyfriend keeps talkig to my belly saying 'be strong' bless him. Work have put me on a weeks hoilday saying they aint letting me work i should rest. I DONT WANT TO REST! I need to keep busy, but my manager is saying she wouldnt feel comfortable me working right now. Fingers crossed for friday. I dont feel the same as when i miscarraiged before so i guess thats a good sign?

Thanks for the hugs :) x

oh bless u, the waitin is like torture, I had to wait 10 days for my second scan, it's horrible the not knowing, hope everything will be ok xx

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Thankyou x

Hope everything goes ok!! I do agree there is still hope, one of my twins had a really funny shaped sac and I was told not to get my hopes up as it doesnt look good! But baby popped up from know where eleven days later on my next scan. I even had bleeding and thought that this was due to the other twin but that wasn't the case at all it was just one of them things but very very stressful. I was six weeks three days on my first scan. Thinking of you at this difficult time xxx

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Thanks. Means a lot x

Good luck BabyJ with your blood test. it is a very worrying time especially as you feel it is totally out of your control what is going on with your body. Fingers crossed your hormone levels go up and next scan a heartbeat it seen xxxxx

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Appretiate this. Trying to keep my hopes up

Hi there I no how u feel, it's so scary, I had bleeding at 5weeks and was offered a scan and they could only make out the sack, they arranged for me to come back at 7+3 and there was baby all fine and well. I had bleeding throughout first 12 weeks so had a scan each time and baby was fine, now I'm 18 weeks. Doctors said they couldn't explain the bleeding it just happens sometimes. Don't give up hope, I hope all goes well for u and baby x

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Thankyou. Im trying to keep positve but it is hard, especially though the nurse couldnt tell me if it looks good or bad. Hare waiting. Fingers crossed. Hope our little one is strong x

Hi I fully understand your worries, I'm 20 weeks and went through exactly the same at 6weeks and 4 days, taken in with severe pains and light bleeding, they did and early scan and all they could see was the sack (same as you) this is normal in early pregnancy.

I was told the same information and it is a worry, I can confirm however when I went back at 8 weeks for another scan to double check there was the tiniest little baby there with a rapid heartbeat. I am 20weeks now and all is well, still getting alot of pain but can feel baby moving around now and all is fine.

Keep your chin up stay positive try not to worry to much (i know its much easier said than done but worrying is no good for you or the baby)

Good luck :-) xx

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