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Birth plan may be out the window!

Found no record of measurements for bump, for week 24 by week 28' my bump was already on the large side, by week 34 another midwife saw that bump was way to big and requested a scan, immediately I was sent to see a consultant, who although they think that junior is already 39 weeks size, and weighs 7lb have no plans to induce me and have given me no advice, I had a glucose intolerance test today just in the nick of time nearing the end of 35 weeks. Been asked by the hospital as to why I didn't have it at 28 weeks, no one explained what the test Entailed, I had to google some and the ask a bunch of questions, the surgery receptionist then asked me is it a blood test? Iwas told on 13march that I'd have another scan in two weeks, just got a date back for third of April I'm 36 weeks on Wednesday. That means that I'll be 39 weeks and baby will weight 11lb if it grows a pound a week, and it will be unlikely that I will avoid a c section. If this had been caught earlier I could have had some idea of what was going on, I've been left feeling helpless and unable to plan for labor, also no one took into account my fluid retention when measuring my bmi, I have so much water in both feet that they are an inch thicker on the top, water retention on my shins, knees, arms, and even on my back, things would not be so daunting if health professionals explained more, and sometimes told me what they thought I should do. I am not unread. By the time I have this scan surely it will be to late to plan for a natural birth, and I may already have gone into labor with no birth plan, do I hire a tens machine or not? I wanted to be able to have an active labor, of course I would have a c section in a heartbeat if little one was in any kind of danger, but why. Wasn't this all done earlier?

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so have u got gestational diabetes? u need to get in contact with ur consultant, say ur really concerned and u need to talk to someone, my consultant with my previous childrenwas fantastic have askedfor her again, u must get this sorted for u the not knowing what is going to happen is very unsettling, u need to be happy with things, ring them today and get some answers good luck x


So have you got gestational diabetes, if you have you maybe how to stop wight gain now by major diet control!

Plus surely if they think baby will be that big they would plan ahead, my sister was huge! So like you she had sooooo much water retention she found it hard to move her legs, they induced her at 37 weeks and she had a natural delivery, he weighed 10 pounds! Ouch, she also had forceps.

Get back on the phone and get some answers and explain you will be 39 weeks for your scan!

Maybe thy could induce you in three weeks time then you will be 37 weeks, the point they call full term.

Good luck x


Why not write a birth plan to cover all eventualities? I did this on advice from my antenatal teacher and am so glad I did as I ended up in an ambulance from the birth centre to the hospital at 10cm dilated when they realised baby was breech and I had to have an eemergency c-sec. I had planned my ideal natural, no drug, active birth but included my wishes for if needed a cut/ventouse/forceps/c-sec. This meant i still got the immediate skin to skin I wanted and had my new baby presented to round the side of the screen not dangled over the top as is quite normal, I also had my husband with me the whole time. The team in surgery were great at supporting my wishes. It also meant my husband knew my wishes so could make the decisions for me when was having major contractions and had no clue what was going on. I had stayed active using only tens and breathing up until getting g in the ambulance when I obviously had to be strapped and then have a spinal at the hospital.

A big baby doesn't have to mean a c-sec either....

God luck, I hope it all goes well and you get the birth you want :-)


Thanks tabby I wasn't even aware of some of the facts that you relayed to me about birth options, and got my results and I have gestational diabetes. I'm a bit surprised as at week 34 had another wee test after my scan no diabetes detected, either it suddenly sprung up or the urine tests are next to useless, I have a history of diabetes in both sides of my family yet was Not even made aware of this test at 28 weeks let alone offered one! Yes I had a week were I couldn't stop eating chocolate and yes I total regret that. But apart from that week I have eaten at least my five a day, had no caffeine and always Watered down my fruit juice, had lots of water and the odd glass of milk, I have re arranged my scans for a week earlier and the consultant, hopefully he will give me some answers. Meanwhile yet another urgent trip to the hospital to see the diabetic nurse, I will also be asking my midwife if their is a blood test for preeclampsia as my mother had it, and her blood pressure stayed normal throughout, I will also push for the strep b test.


I also didn't drink any water during my glucose test and, surprise surprise was not told to either, I managed a small glass of water before rushing to the surgery, so was de hydrated to start with. The point is that I should have had the test a lot sooner, I asked at 28 weeks if there was anything I could do, about diet got nothing. If I was tested sooner then this situation could have possibly been avoided,


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