Think I'm over reacting, but can't shake this feeling that I might be having twins!? Others opinions and stories will be greatly received!!

I'm 12 weeks in to my 3rd pregnancy + all of my symptoms seem to be really pronounced! I wake up in the morning + I am nauseas all day, the only time I don't feel sick is when I'm eating then 5 mins after I finish I'm on the verge of puking again! I can sleep 4 12 hours straight + will still feel exhausted, I never have any energy, keep getting achy stomach pains which I never had with my other 2 , + I already look pregnant?! I only had my 2nd baby, a little boy (sadly Tyler was born sleeping) in October so wondering if that's why I'm suffering so much this time, cause I got pregnant again quite quickly after? But I've just got this unshakable feeling that I'm going to find out I'm having twins, which do run in my family and are due to come out again, has anyone had this happen to them? + were ur feelings right??

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I'm currently fourteen weeks four days pregnant with twins and even though I was lucky enough to find out early on I don't think I would have had a clue come my twelve week scan no morning sickness, a bit nausea but quite hungry basically from day one, and very very tired and even moreso now. But I have learnt from my previous pregnancy ( that I sadly miscarried) that every pregnancy isn't the same with the last I had morning sickness and very bad nausea and that was a single baby. it may have been the fact that I just took every symptom as a normal pregnancy symptom? Good luck, I hope you get the twins if that's what you want xxxxx

Thanks for ur. Answer, I've got my 12 week scan on Friday so will find out then, I'm not desperately after twins ill b happy with anything as long as its healthy, it's. just this really strong unshakeable feeling? I'm also constantly hungry, like I haven't eaten for hours which makes me feel more nauseas, it's all just very strange, I've had a girl + a boy + both there pregnancies were different but this is different 2 both of them?? I honestly think ill be more surprised if I went for my scan and found out it was one baby than if they told me there were two!!! Lol

Well some people's instincts have been right so there's always a chance!! I honestly thought I was going to be in for a tough ride when I found out about the twins and to hardly have anything was pretty good but had me worrying even more as you tend to rely on the symptoms for reassurance. Let me know what you find out on Friday would love to know if you are right lol!! Good luck xxx

Yeah I will do, can't believe I've got 2 wait til Friday tho, :-( it feels like ages away!! Lol thanks for ur comments. Xx

Ohhhh nerve racking! Well if twins are in the family it comes from your mums side but skips a generation, and my mum sadly lost twins at 9 months and my partner is a twin, I did get a bit concerned! also over the age of 35 your more likely to concieve twins....your have to let us know on fri!!! X

well twins runs in both my mother & fathers side of the family, i also was on fertility medication which was said to increase the chance of twins but i am now 32 wks pregnant with just the one. All pregnancies are different, i miscarried my first at 16 wks, i had no signs or symptoms i was even pregnant. Fingers crossed for you

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