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25 weeks

Hi everyone , :-)

Baby bump has popped I knew it hit 25 weeks and boom !.

Can't stop weeing right now my baby (unknown sex) must be on my my bladder, bummer you do forget these little pleasures that pregnancy brings.

Oh not to mention the difficulty in tieing my shoe laces. Forgot about that too. I've reverted to keeping them tied or wearing flip flops! Ha ha.

Went pram browsing in mothercare nothing jumped out at me! How many of you like me are finding it difficult to purchase items for your baby when u don't know the sex? There isn't much choice in clothes I'm finding too.

See the consultant in twelve days then I'm hopefully signed ok to fly and ill be off to visit family in uk. Sooo looking forward to it.

Daunting thought number 1. Potentially only 10 weeks left :-0

2. I do have to give birth vaginally again :-0

To end loving writing my blogs as I can look back after the birth and evaluate just what kind of a pregnancy I did have.

:-) happy pregnancys everyone

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Hi Allyemo,

I'm 27 weeks tomorrow and am woefully underprepared in terms of babykit. We have found out that we're having a boy, but in any event, during the one shopping trip I have done, there were lots of clothing items in greens, greys, yellows, oranges / multi-coloured, that would suit both a boy or girl. Try: For prams, I would probably just go with black, since they always look smart and probably don't look as dirty as a paler colour would ...

Hope you get the sign-off for your holiday!



Thanks Hun, I live in dubai and as a new resident here its difficult to know the right shops. I'm hoping that my trip to the uk I can bring back some of my baby items from my loft. :-) brill idea for the pram... :-) I already have a Phil and ted from my daughter , but I'd prefer one for hitching the cars seat on for school journeys its going to be easier. :-) fingers crossed I do so far low risk pregnancy but you never know. X


I'm at 25 weeks too, and yep 15 weeks max to go, not long! And not feeling too worried about giving birth, I'm just one of those people that will go with the flow and take as many pain killers as I need:)

So excited about meeting my little man, he is getting strong with his kicks and a couple of times I have yelped out!

The last week has been exciting as I now see my belly move when he kicks out strongly:)

Enjoy your holiday x


Hiya Hun,

I hear you there when they kick wow I like to put the remote on my belly and watch the baby kick :-)

Your right fifteen weeks not ten, duh baby brain lol... Slightly daunting though even though I've done it twice still makes my clench my legs together lol. Just remember only you is in control of the birth, I used this knowledge with my second had a much nicer birth. ..

Fingers crossed x


That's a weird coincidence, since the Blossom store I went to was actually in Dubai, last week! We went on a 'babymoon' to Thailand, and stopped over in Dubai ... The Dubai Mall has loads of baby shops - quite a lot of which are designer (read £100 for one one-sy baby suit!), but a number of which are more reasonable, like Blossom and a few others - well worth a look. They are all in the same spot in the Mall, on the 2nd floor perhaps?? Since you're not a first-timer you probably already have a collection of maternity clothes, but if you're looking to add to the collection I found Destination Maternity (at Dubai Mall and Marina Mall) really, really good. They have stuff ranging from 'Pea in the Pod' (expensive) to 'Motherhood' (very reasonable). I think I will have to have a second baby just to justify all my purchases! :)

Was slightly worried I would go into early labour in Thailand and be stuck there in a Thai hospital ... but all went fine. Loving the baby kicks too! Seeing my stomach move from the outside the first time was just amazing. Good luck to you and Skyblueboston for the last remaining weeks! xx


Thanx Hun x


Wow really I went into mothercare in dubai mall today didn't have much time in between school pick ups but ill defiantly be going back. I actually got rid of everything after my second but all my baby items the good ones I kept a set of each girl and boy upto 12 months so I'm hopefully arranging shipping of those when I'm on my mini break in uk at the mother ducks. :-) Yes good luck to you too Hun I'm sure we will chat again on new updates :-) xx


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