Back pains!!!

O my days!! I have never had back pain like this before in my life! I have to get my boyfriend to massage me everyday! Sometimes its all over my bak, then the top but most of all the lower back, and im only going into my fifth week. Also i feel drained easily. I have little pains in my stomach and still feeling sick. But anyway hapy to be an expectant mum! Should be due in november, i have an appoitment with the midwife next week (20th) to be honest i dont have any cravens yet and my boobs are tender as ever. I will not let my bf touch them haha. Im taking things slow, going yoga and thinking of doing aerobics aswelll. Im still working and just chilling out for the time being. O and happy mothers day to all mothers including expectant mothers :) x

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  • Hiya, great to see you are progressing well :) just thought I would mention to you about your back ache, if its really bad, please get a urine sample done and see if you have an uti, my first sign of both my uti, was worsening back pain, I'm now on cephalexin again! But my back ache has improved so much. Not to scare u but just be on the safe side Hun xxxx

  • My mum said thisto me aswell, so i think ill book aan appointment :)

  • I bought a back support belt as having awful back and pelvis pain. I'm also having physio. Hope it eases. Hot water bottle is good too! :)

  • Ill try a hot water bottle tonight and see how that goes thanks :)

  • It usually gets better in the second trimester, for a while, :) try not to let it get you down cx

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