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Hi.i'm 14weeks pregnant and a nerve wreck now.its a long story.when i was 7weeks i had a laparoscopy done cos drs thought it was ectopic pregnancy.lucky it wasnt.after 7weeks my scars finally healed and i have no pains.4weeks ago i had a massive gush of pink blood.it was one of then.i went hospital and they gave me antibiotics for an infection.then 2weeks ago i had the same episode but it was dark brown blood.they've checked me and baby in hospital and everything was ok.i also had a scan last monday and baby seemed very active.but today i've noticed bit of brown-pink blood on my pad.it wasnt as much as before but i'm so scared.i rang hospital but i need 2wait 3-4 hours for a call back.did anyone have a similar thing?is this called spotting?i have no pain so i dont want to go hospital as last time i was waiting 10hours to be seen and then sent home after 10min examination.i just dont know what to think no more....:((

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You can bleed during pregnancy and everything be ok. Nevertheless it is always best to get it checked out. If I were you I wld take myself to a healthcare centre 1st thing in the morning, unless u see anymore. In that case I wld go asap. Reassurance from a health professional is what u need. A nurse over the phone will def advice u to be seen by someone. Good luck I really do hope all is ok as you sound like you've had a rough time so far.


Thank you for your reply.doctor rang me at 2am and she said the same thing.i may be one of the women that bleeds.but i have to admit i've done some housework day before and maybe it was too much for me?but its just strange that i bleed exactly every 2weeks.i've been told to rest.i'm gonna ring my midwife tomorrow to see if she can hear heartbeat as i couldnt on my doppler monitor but i know sometimes its hard especially if baby is lying funny.i had no bleeding since yesterday so hopefully it was one of again.just my breathing is strange like i cant take a deep breath but maybe thats from anxiety.anyway thank you for replying xx


Hiya Neska, I bleed with my first, it was only pink spotting but as like you I was terrified and went to A&E to get checked out, they did an early scan at 6 weeks and everything was fine. I bleed again around 8 weeks but it was just brown (old blood). The nurse told me that if I was having to change a pad more than 4 times a day as it was drenched in blood then to contact GP or go to A&E so if it is spotting not to worry as it is common for some woman. Hope this helps, try not to worry.


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