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Early Miscarriage in middle of December but still no period

I had an early miscarriage in December but I still haven't had a period and it is 10 weeks ago now. Anyone else had the same problem? I have got a doctors appointment next Tuesday and hopefully they will take a blood sample but will they be able to see why from a blood test. I am so confused and upset to why it is happening. I never thought I would get upset about not having a period. I have done pregnancy tests and they are negative so I am not pregnant.

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Hi, I am very sorry to hear that you have had a MC, my period came within 2 weeks of mine. I know they do say that some women can wait 4-8 weeks before everything gets back to normal so I was so shocked when mine was 2. I hope for you sake that you get some answers soon X


So sorry to hear about your loss, after my miscarriage I had a period about 4-5 weeks later, but I know they say it can take upto two months.

It could be because you are obviously very stressed and just sometimes this could delay. But your doing the right thing by seeing the doc.

Good luck x


I am sorry for your loss. The time after a miscarriage can be a very sad and lonely one. This is often not comforted by the fact that miscarriage is common and one in four women will experience it. This time is obviously made no easier by what feels like a delayed return to 'normal'.

It is really good you are going to see your GP and I hope he can shed some light on why you are still waiting. We are advised to go to the GP if our cycle becomes erratic. There could be many reasons for it. Hopefully, you are eating very well, drinking plenty of fluids and have enough iron in your diet. My period returned after my miscarriages at different times, once it took three months. I was shell-shocked and it had taken quite a lot of blood.

I'm now 24 weeks pregnant and the miscarriages are far behind me, this is the most common story for women who miscarry. The chances of you having a healthy baby are greatly increased by the fact that you have become pregnant.

hope this helps x


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