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The wonder of sleep or lack if. In my youth lying in until midday on a weekend was the norm. At at collage, well up all night, but sleep all day. Squeak ( my 6 week old) , only woke up twice last night, but was awake from 12.50 to 2.10 in the morning and then 4.52. was cheering as we had a 4 hour block of sleep ( he went down at 7). You cannot predict or rely on these 'good' nights but they help you cope with the bad. I wonder if He will be like me and i will be dragging him out of bed in the future. All those joys to come.

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My little lad didn't go through the night until he was 9 months old and you just think your life is never going to be the same again. I love my bed so getting up was a real nightmare. He is a right lazy bones now and we are the ones waking him up in the week. Even if you get a block of sleep like that I used to find myself waking up and I used to dream alot and wake up thinking I still had him in my arms. It does get better though.


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