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Feeling anxious yet again today. Yesterday I took stomach pains which were like bloated cramps. I had them most of day. Took paracetamol and lay on couch with water bottle. No pain today , no tiredness ,and no sore boobs, jus sore back and up 5 times during nite for pee. Not peein as much during day now. I'm on antibios for urine infection. I'm not bleeding which is good news. Am I worrying for nothing. Can't wait to get my scan so I know all is ok. I'm only 6weeks pregnant. Any answers will b appreciated. Thank

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No bleeding s a great sign. Make sure u drink 2 litres of water a day. In this pregnancy I was so bloated till week ten and got cramps on and off, I'm now 20 weeks:)

In respect of your symptoms mine come and go everyday for me is different, my sore boobs got better around ten weeks and are not really that bad anymore thank god.

I bought. Fetal doppler to help reassure myself, don't get one till u are twelve weeks as baby is so small to hear, but now at 20 weeks its easy to find and hear beating and swooshing about.

Good luck x


Thank u for replying. Suppose we don't stop worrying. What is a fetal doppler and were can I buy 1. Thanx . Take care


U can buy them off the internet but DO NOT ever use them for reassurance. They are a small hand held device that is designed so that u can listen to the heartbeat. If ever any of you have worries about the babies movements u must contact ur local maternity dept. The midwives check in a particular area for the heartbeat and the maternal heart beat can be mistaken for the fetal heart rate.

Good luck with your can I hope everythin goes well x


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