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Feeling anxious

Hi every1, just new to this site. Found out on Monday that I am 5 weeks pregnant. We r delighted but can't stop worrying that sum thing will go wrong. I have an 11 y old girl who doesn't know yet and I feel bad for not telling her. Gonna wait till scan to make sure all is ok. I hav small tummy cramps goin on which is normal but feeling really tired. No morning sickness and didn't hav any with my last pregnancy although I had few bleeds lastime but had a perfectly beautiful girl. Been reading that lot of people hav sore boobs but not me. I'm I worrying for nothing x

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Hey hon. I am in the same boat - I had a bit of nausea after week 7 was worse in week 13 (I actually threw up twice - so was not that bad, but relatively from the rest of the week it was worse for me) and nothing after that.

I am week 16 now - and I dont feel pregnant at all - i am more active - more happy and more chirpy than before - which also makes me anxious at times and might lead me to a private scan clinic - though my mom and rest who know my anxiousness may find it funny that i am feeling anxious over having a smooth pregnancy.

I did not have sore boobs for sure - they were just little sensitive and somehow got attached to my tear glands (it doesn't hurt me at all, but it makes me emotional and feel like crying if touched, which I guess is quite weird)

I had cramps during early few weeks - period like cramps - as this is my first pregnancy i dint knew what it was - read along and NHS guys said its normal to have them - i took them as normal therefore without worrying at all.

I did not had any spotting or bleeding all the way till now (except one time when my Urine was like blood thanks to BEET-ROOT juice - that did freak me out - we checked with the doctor who found it amusing and first such case in her life as a doctor - no blood cells in the sample was re-assuring)

BTW my tummy cramps were I guess also related to a slight UTI - which they said border line infection - gave me amoxcilin and it was gone in 7 days.

Its a good idea to wait untill your first scan before telling your daughter - but on other side you can tell her a little earlier - if you feel normal and have no worrying symptoms in next few weeks and she can probably enjoy the first scan and say hello to the sibling (depending upon how aware you little girl is about you and family - I have a little sister who is 10 years younger to me - but i found out about her only after she was born - the flip-side of living in a joint family with lots of cousins of your age and gran-parents is that you dont really bother to know why your own Mom is growing fat :P)


Thank u for replying to my log. U made me laugh. I hope all goes well with u. I do hav a urine infection on 7 day course of antibios. I'll maybe tell my lass a bit earlier. I jus want to tell the world as I can't hold my own water lol. Iv asked my lass b4 what she thought of a wee bro or sis and her answer was NO WAY lol. Think this will take a lot of sweet talking haha. . Take care


Hahahahaha - I know about that feeling of telling the world - i was going around telling all my friends 'Dont tell anyone its a secret between me and you that i am pregnant' at the end of it they all knew it but none talked about it to each other :P

With your girl surely she would like some sweet talking and maybe some bribing too - little siblings are annoying after all :P


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