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Not sure if my due date us correct?

Today I am 19 plus 4, had my scans, all fine, blood test and fundal measurements correct,

But today I was putting an appointment in my calendar, so I decided t o write the week of pregnancy I would be at.

My due date is 25th June 2013, so I counted the week to this date I would only be 36 plus 6 weeks? Four weeks early?

I have my 21 weeks scan on the 13 feb to see if boy or girl and check all is ok, I'm going to double check my due date.

What do you think, according to my calendar I would be 24 weeks not 19?

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I did some maths with the help of my calendar ;) As we are in week five of the year and your due date will be in week 26, it's still 20 weeks and a few days to go for you. So I guess your due date is right and you really are 19+.


Same as newlywed I get 20 +3 weeks till ur due date so 19 + 4seems correct. Re check on ur phone rather than count on the calender .

The 1st day of ur last period should have been 25sep! If that's about right then ur 19+4.

The scans are done at 12 and 20 weeks to check growth , as generally up till this point all babies grow the same rate and its also a comparison of growth from the 12 - 20 weeks point . After this time factors like parents size start becoming apparent, so size will differ from person to person and baby to baby! Otherwise all babies would be exactly the same size born, which we all know there not.

All the best


I ave used my gestation calulator. As there is a day or two of discrepencies as they r not completely accurate I get that u were 19 weeks on the 29th January as that is a Tuesday and ur due date is a Tuesday. Therefore tomorrow on the 5th u will be 20 weeks. Dont forget that ur gestation is counted from the date of your last period so u are only pregnant really for around 38 weeks. Hope this helps. Just to note that the fundal height measurements are not accurate yet and should not be being performed until you 25 weeks appointment x


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