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Low platelets?

I'm 16 weeks and was at the midwife yesterday. When reviewing my blood results she said my platelets were a bit low 130 (normal is 140 up) so took more blood to get them re-checked. Has anyone else ever had low platelets in pregnancy?

I'm not overly worried at present but I know that platelets help with clotting and I'm a c-section due to a neonatal death and 2 previous sections.

Any advice would be fab

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I'm 17 weeks and had mine done the other day. Mine was 115 so quite low. The midwife said the platelets result cal change overnight though so not to worry about it - yours will prob go up and down several times a week and if their worried they'll give you anpthrt test before dping a c-section.


Hi, mine was incredibly low and after several blood tests it revealed I had incredibly weak blood. It was low on everything. This however didn't complicate my pregnancy as my daughter wasn't born till 42 +3. And via c-section, they had blood on standby but never needed it. If there was an massive concern or even much of a concern they'd of done more than just check your blood :-) hope that helps x


Not related to pregnancy but when my son was about 3 months old, he woke up with his face covered in blood from a nose bleed and come out in a purple rash ( on his neck, groin, in his mouth and even on his eyeball ) so obviously took him doc, was immediately told to go hospital where they started treating him for meningitis while they carried out further tests, it turned out he had something called I.T.P. He had had a virus that his antibodies had fought off and then started on this platelets.

When in the 1st hospital his count was 6 ! 6 like single figure and as you say it's supposed to be 140 + , we were then transfered to a specialist children's blood ward at another hospital ( that deal with leukemia and things, heartbreaking ) by ambulance as his count was so low he was a very high risk of internal bleeding .

He needed a transfusion but they didn't have his blood type so was getting it sent from London in the middle of the night we were in manchester, although he could have had a different type they didn't want to as it could have affected his results later anyway they ended up giving him an infusion of something so his own body would correct the problem rather than put the platelets back in! After 2 days in hospital his count had increased to 24 I think, it was still very low for what it should be but they were happy to discharge him and treat him as an out patient to check that his level continued to increase and get back to normal which it did after a couple of weeks.

If they know ur level is low they will b able to treat u accordingly, I wouldn't worry if I was u.

All the best.


This must of been heart breaking, they took my babys bloods when they where born to see if they had inherited ITP from me, lucky they hadn't. Like you say, if they know what is wrong they know hoe to treat it.

All the best :)


It was so scary , especially untill we had a definite answer of what was going on, it was awfull having the docs prod and jab my baby and him looking at us to make them stop but not being able to . luckily he is a super, cheeky 3 yo and none the worse for it now.

Apart from having an infection when he was born and being on antibiotics for 5 days and the itp incident he hasn't give us much more worry other than the usual stuff.

Thank you for your comments, hope ur all well.

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I developed HELLP syndrome during my pregnancy and my platelet count was around 30 when I had a c-section at 34 weeks. The hospital had blood products on standby but they weren't used.


Thanks ladies that has reassured me. I take it you all managed a spinal block rather than a general anaesthetic?

I feel better knowing others have been through it too xxx


I had an emergency c-section under a general anaesthetic. The low platelet count was the least of my worries at that point.

Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy.


Thanks, is reassuring. I'm happy to do whatever the docs tell me to tbh. I don't mind having a general anaesthetic if that's what's best for me and baby.

I'm being positive and hoping all is fine xxxx


I have ITP and my platelets with my 1st child was at 12 , everything was fine though, i just wasnt allowed a spinal block and if i needed a c section there was blood on stand by and it would of have to be done under GA. My other 2 children pregnancies where much better and my platelets didnt drop below 80.

I'm sure you will be fine! :) x


Thanks it is reassuring knowing others have been through it. I'll just have to see how things go xxxx


Hi I've always had low blood platelets wen pregnant it just me, I do to very low at times but recover gradually, I've had two c sec and on my forth pregnancy Nd have always had it each time, for now try not to worry so much Nd get some iron tablets, try eating more iron filled food and u should be fine. I would say start wearing the socks before ur big day jus for the extra support. All the best


Hi my platlets came up low in my 2nd pregnancy and dropped to 72 at 40 weeks because they thought they baby was big and my first baby was emergency section due to breech I was given another section under GA. It was absolutely fine even though I was alarmed at the time as I was only told on the day after another blood test. I'm sure your platlets will return to normal after pregnancy as mine did. However ensure they check your bloods on a regular basis as I was told if they dip below 95 then a GA s necessary however the staff on the day I was admitted were nt keen to check my bloods again as they had been checked only 3 days previous but I'm glad I insisted as they had dipped considerably. Good luck.


Pregnancy is a state of immunosuppresion, and it is not unusual for your platelets to dip to low normal (same for your white cell count). 130 isn't low (5% of the population normally have a value outside the reference range) - less than 20 would be worrying...


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