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Maternity clothing

I have always been the type of person who wears smart clothes and clothes that make me look my best and feel great!

I'm now 18 plus 2, and all my baby weight is a lovely round baby bump, the rest of my body has stayed so far about the same.

This means the last two weeks most of my clothes are not fitting me around the belly and are too uncomfortable, so it's time to start shopping for a few items of maternity clothing.

OMG! What a terrible choice of clothes, well actually a complete lack of choice!

Littlewoods had six items that included bra and knickers, Asda had a few I think sixteen items well priced but sold out! Sainsburies even worse, online I have chosen a few bits but to be honest most items are over thirty pound which I think is expensive. Next is perhaps has the best range but again very expensive per item, nearly £ 80 for two items!

I went shopping in Sutton yesterday, apart from Mothercare who again feel its ok to over charge or maternity clothing, the only shop that did a maternity clothing range was Red Herring, I'm so lucky they have a sale on and I managed to pick up TWO lovely dresses for £17.00, plus I have to congratulate them as their range was very trendy and not too badly priced, only let down was the cheaper priced clothing seemed to be sold out in my size which is a 14.

I think as a new mummy to be, once I'm settled down with my new baby I'm so tempted to start an online maternity only shop, with a huge range of clothing at reasonable prices!

Just coz we are pregnant should not mean fat and frumpy!

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I feel exactly the same! It drives me mad that you can't find any maternity clothes in the stores themselves, you have to go online.

Although - New Look has been a life saver. They seem to have the most extensive range in store. H&M also have Mat range in store and Topshop have a few things (although found them quite pricey for something i will only be wearing for another 3 months!)

I ordered a load of stuff from ASOS the other night. They currently have a sale on and have by far, in my opinion, the nicest range of stuff. My advice would be to check ASOS out. They usually deliver within a few days and it's free returns if you have to send back.

I completely sympathise - driving me mad that my old clothes which i always considered 'loose and floaty' are now too small for my ever expanding bump!!!



Brilliant will go online to have a look x


I got a maternity bundle off ebay for £80 and had alot of clothes in it some even still had the tags on, I wish that I had of asked the leg length of the trousers though as I think she must have been very tall but the tops were great.


I have been going through the same thing for the last week or two! I'm now 17 weeks and am starting to get an ickle bump out the front, fortunately without gaining weight anywhere else. I just ordered 6 sale items from New Look, all in either a size 12 or 1, and I'm really impressed with them as I spent less than £70. I was also lucky that my local Debenhams and Dorothy Perkins had quite a few items in my size in the January sales, I even got some skinny jeans for £5!! ASOS do seem to have the most extensive online range and if the items are similar to their normal collections then they should be of a fairly decent quality. I've heard that NCT nearly new sales can also be worth a look for maternity clothes :)


I had a look at asos brilliant selection, yeah least I can still look decent xxx


I couldn't find anything nice new in the shops. I bought one or two bits off Ebay and most of my stuff from charity shops. I had some really nice things that I'll be sad to see go! I'm a councillor so I have to look tidy for meetings and it wasn't easy finding things that were smart, looked good and fit nicely.

One bit of advice though, since I had the baby I set off looking for nursing wear only to find that most of it is actually maternity / nursing wear. Wish I'd bought this stuff sooner as I'd have got a bit more wear out of it. Boob and Hot Milk have some really nice items. NetMums is also a good place to pick up 2nd hand.


I'm only 12 weeks but already showing, thankfully without putting weight on anywhere else, my work trousers/skirts are now quite tight so I've been looking for some nice dresses.

Again difficult as it is so expensive.

I've just picked up 6 beautiful maternity dresses all new with tags from eBay for £36 plus postage prices vary from £3-£12, it's definitely worth having a look on there.



Wow bargain!


I got some nice stuff from mama's and papa's. Showed quite early so had to go for it. All at least half price just now- in sale. Is a fair range online but I thought far more choice online. Main thing I thought though was sizes are a bit daft! I'm normally 12 or 14 in trousers and had to buy size 8-10, so if you do buy online I'd be careful with bottoms :) good luck!!


Thanks will be having a look xx


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