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Worried about baby's movements

Hi everybody,

I know I might be a bit over-anxious here but would really appreciate your advice.

I'll be 25 weeks tomorrow and feel my little one's kicks every day. From monday to wednesday, he was extremely active and kicking quite hard, but yesterday and today I only felt very few and very light movements. Yesterday morning, I had a GTT, and the midwife also checked the baby's heartbeat which was okay then. But I can't really stop worrying and wondering if something is wrong and would like to know if you experience days where your babies are less active than usual.

Thanks xx

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I'm so glad you asked this question. I'm 27 weeks and feel like you, a bit anxious about baby movements. Sometimes my little one moves quite a bit, lots of big hoofings and then other days hardly any movement, more like little bubble feelings, with long long long periods of not feeling anything, even after cold drinks. I get worried and don't want to call the midwife in case all of this is normal. I just don't know! My partner is very blase and isn't bothered whether I feel her a lot or a little and just says I like to worry (I don't! Lol!) I'm keen to hear what other say just as much as you are. My midwife did mention that during the day I ought to feel 10 - 12 movements/kicks. I haven't been counting as I think I might end up obsessing about it but do notice if the day before I was getting unmistakable hoofings and the current day considerable less. I always feel relieved when I feel her move, which she has done today but not without those worrying long gaps.

I had my GTT yesterday morning too! Didn't hear back from them so I'm assuming I don't have gestational diabetes.

All the best newlywed xxx

hey, i'm 28+2 weeks and some day my baby will b moving alot like he/she is have race from right to left and top to down and someday i don't feel the baby move and get really worried but then i read on websites that babies r like us they have active days and lazy days.. when i was 20 weeks i bought Prenatal listening system which actually works after 26 weeks so if i ever feel somthing is wrong then i just listen the heart beat.. its cheap i didn't know u could buy doopler but they r expensive. i hear the heart beat fine from this so i'm happy i bought it and don't have to go to midwive....I know how u lot feel so i would say buy this from any big shop e.g tesco, argos, babies r u....search in all store and u might find it on sale or somthing normal price is 19pound somthing i bought it for 7pound from sale........ GOOD LUCK x

i checked Tesco still doing it for £6.78 if anyone intersted init...'summer prenatal listening system' xxx

Thank you so much for replying, ladies! Knowing you experienced the same helps a lot :)

Dsphoie, thanks for the tip, I think I'll get one, too. Kaleidoscope, when reading your reply I was just downing my third glass of cold water in a row :D Didn't hear back from my test neither - I guess we're lucky then.

All the best to both of you, too! xx

That don't worry that ur baby maybe be sleeping just everybody else, just don't worry if you feel a kick as long u know he is fine and growing healthy inside of u that u need to know ok. i had 2 pregnancies i would know . Just sit back and relax and enjoy ur rest of ur pregnancy before the little ones comes ok. x

I'm so glad I read this, I'm 30 wks and my baby always bin lazy bit like her dad lol up to 26 wks she would only kick for 10mins at night then she got really active for few wks, I had small bleed at 28 wks n then they said she small and now she moves but not as much and I find myself forever lying down wobbling my belly so she does move just to put my mind at rest lol so glad to no that other people's baby's are doin the same. The heart machines are good but later it gets harder to pickup the heart beat and I no people that have rushed to hospital as can't hear it and freaked themself out and there nowt wrong x


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Skyblueboston in reply to LunaD

I have a fetal heart monitor called angel sounds, I have always picked up the baby's hb, this us great as it puts my mind at ease. X

Hi i am 28+3 and i have the same movements. If i get a little worried i drink ice cold water then lie on my left side, it normally works for me. My first pregnancy my daughter was lazy, lol, second very active, he still is, my boy never stops not even in his sleep. So.this pregnancy it took.me a while to get use to having a quieter baby compared to.my last. I was not a lucky.one, has my gtt came back positive for gestational diabetes so currently on insulin, never had it with my previous 2 pregnancies so have to.test my levels 4 times a day plus the shot of insulin in the evening. Do you what sex the baby is? I have having a boy, but not.chosen a name yet. Can't decide. Good luck ladies with your pregnancies xx

Thanks to you all for your replies :)

Immysarch, we'll have a boy too. Sorry to hear about your gestational diabetes, so an extra portion of good luck to you too. XX

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