Amoxicillin for UTI - Safe or NOT ?

Dear all,

I have been advised by my midwife and GP to take Amoxicilling (500 mg) for curing a slight infection they found in my Urine sample. They have prescribed a course for 7 days.

I am today 11 weeks pregnant and due for my first pre-natal scan on 11th January. I do not feel any unusual physical discomfort due to UTI (this might be because I have been very prone to UTIs since ever and a lot of time they are cured by my increased intake of water and cleaning with savalon/dettol diluted in water, I have also used potash-dipping before but I guess with pregnancy it is not ideal to sit in a water tub having chemicals mixed in water).

I want to know if any of you have experienced UTI in your first trimester and if Amoxicilin is ACTUALLY safe (although the doctor do say so). One side of me says that I should go ahead with the course and another side says to wait until the first scan (which is in 14 days), just to make sure that the baby is healthy.

Also this is my first pregnancy.


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19 Replies

  • I have been on amoxicillin twice during this pregnancy, both before my 12 week scan. It hasn't harmed me or the baby and I doubt the dr would give it to you if they felt it was. A uti can lead to all kinds of problems if left untreated though. :)

  • Hey thanks, this was quite reassuring!

  • I've never had it peronally I would try a natual method to try and clean up the infection I won't even take pain relif tablets I worry to much! Also google you problem and see what others have said and done! Best wishes

  • Thanks, I know how the maternal instincts takes over us when it comes to medication during pregnancy :)

  • Personally when I had a uti I just upped my water intake and drank lots if cranberry juice and it went in a couple if days. It's up to you but if u don't feel confident don't take them try the natural method first, then if u still have an infection after your scan then use the antibiotics. I'm not medically trained so this is just a personal view.

  • Yes I am doing the same. The GP said I have a mild infection and I hope water intake would help it out !

  • Hi there. I am 10 weeks and get regular uti'S. I asked a specialised and he advised that you must take the antibiotics amoxicillin is safe in pregnancy..

  • hi there, I just started with my 11th wk now and I hope the next two weeks period pass without much notice ! My GP also said the same, but I am still nervous on amoxicilin, they surely mess up the liver and bowl movements even in normal viral days - maybe i would try treating it with water and cranberry juice first and see how that goes as the GP said its a very mild UTI

  • Like the first reply said.. I have been told by more than one medical professional that untreated uti's can cause problems in the long run for the pregnancy..

  • Yes dear I read the same and was worried due to that. thanks

  • Again having had major problems from not treating a uti you must take

    the antibiotics they would not give them to you if they were harmful.

    Put it this way if left untreated and you end up with a kidney infection

    whilst pregnant you will be extremely poorly and so will your baby so it's not worth it.

    Good luck. X

  • thanks dear, yes that is true !

  • UTIs can put the baby at risk. During pregnancy, the urine moves more slowly - so it is easier for bacteria to multiply and more difficult to pass it all yourself. If it spreads to the kidneys it can be very serious and lead to being stuck in hospital and unable to eat anything (personal experience). If you get a fever, vomiting or pain in your back it can be a sign of it spreading to the kidneys.

    Also, it can spread to the blood and that is very serious, both for you and for the baby.

    Later in pregnancy, bacteria can cause early labour and certain types cause meningitis (that is why they often treat if it is present). Some research has shown that treatment with antibiotics slightly increases the risk of a baby developing asthma. You are still pretty early - so as long as it clears these risks are pretty low.

    Yes, cranberry juice has been shown to work - but if it is not helping then please don't be worried about antibiotic treatment - some antibiotics are dangerous, but Amoxicillin is considered safe: it isn't especially broad or strong.

  • Hey there yeah i would try the cranberry juice and more water intake for a day or two and if I still feel little sick or feel any pain in abdomen or back I would take the antibiotic. (although I am so used to UTIs that i dont even feel sick if a mild one is there).

    Thanks :)

  • it would more harmful if left untreated.

  • yes that is true,I surely want it treated. Thanks :)

  • I have just finished a 7 day course of amoxicillin for a uti and had my 12 week scan yesterday and everything was fine. I tried to get rid of the uti with water and cranberry but made no difference and within 24 hours of starting treatment felt great again.

    If left untreated a uti can cause more problems.

    It wouldn't be prescribed if not safe.

    Hope this helps x

  • Yeah I am trying cranberry juice and water for today, but if i feel its not really helping i would surely take the antibiotic starting tomorrow. thanks and good luck !

  • Hi this is my 3 rd pregnancy and i have had a uti in all three of them and each time i am offered amoxicilin but i can't take that but that is a drs first choice. They always give me something else but i can't remember what it is sorry. With my first 2 pregnancies i have had bleeding with my uti which on my 2nd pregnancy was scary has it happened for over 2 week without knowing what was wrong. I know it is always instint to worry about what you put into.your body.when.pregnant. I am currently 25 weeks and finger crossed only had one uti.this time, normally had a few by now. Good luck with your scan x

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