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Anyone else fed up of bursting into tears at in opportune moments?!!

Hiya, I have been quite lucky when it comes to symptoms pregnancy wise so far (12 weeks today!), the nausea has been manageable but being tired all the time and lack of sleep has been tough! but what I am really struggling with is my emotions, I am training to be a counselor so usually I am quite self aware and switched on with how I am feeling and can be rational about things. However lately I burst into tears constantly, funnily enough it was the first symptom I had of being pregnant as I thought it was odd that I reacted to a family argument (I work with my mother and father inlaw, not the source of the argument, our brother in law is acting like a spoilt brat and doing his best to wreck the family but that's another story) so strongly.

Anyway is anyone else struggling? I had an appraisal at work today and was crying my eyes out when trying to talk to my father in law (who doesnt know I am pregnant and I am not telling any time soon) as he is being difficult about me training to be a counselor in my spare time as even though I only work part time apparently this could interfere with my day job! AARRGGHH working with them does my head in some times!!!!

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Hey Girl,

I think you know my answer already. I had a terrible mood swing. I did tell it to my GP and while I was telling her, I got teary eyed again. GP said it was normal, but going by your advice to my post, I insisted for a referral.

I am getting teary eyed even while looking at the baby growth pictures on BBC health (BTW its my first, and I have not been next to anyone having babies in my whole adult life so far). My husband got me a glass of water for taking Pregnacare and that made me teary.

And its not just teary, I am also feeling happier than normal. I am going through a very bad time with my Supervisor at the Uni., I had a meeting with him today to discuss my options and all the way I was smilling and had a happy feeling on my face - like 'lalallla la la you are screwing up my Ph.d and I want to sing and dance ' (This is so unusual and so unprofessional). I hope my emotions will be in controll during the near future meetings with other potential supervisor-replacements !

So maybe you also discuss with your GP, but probably its very normal, and maybe that is also why there is a concept of maternity leave!


Hi Hun! I have only just noticed that you answered your last post!

I am so glad you had a talk to your husband about it and well done for insisting with the GP. They do need to take it seriously. But also don't feel that you will definitely feel down again, you may do, you may not, as long as your are aware of it and are prepared to do something about it when the time comes then don't over analyse until it happens otherwise you'll make yourself a nervous wreck! There is nothing to be ashamed about telling little one how you honestly felt at first, when it comes to their time around they will appreciate your honesty. (sorry to everyone thinking what is she on about, i'm replying to another post within this one!)

As I am a trainee counselor, I am in a therapy environment and so I do have the luxury of free sessions each week to discuss my feelings (and I do!) so I am happy to just discuss with midwife next time I see her as I haven't actually felt down per se, just weepy when stressed out when usually I can cope a lot better! I am finding it frustrating more than anything!

Also I am in the same boat as you, its my first and I havent been around babies as an adult really although my friend has just had a baby so I am soaking in what I can from her.

Sorry to hear that you are having a horrible time with your tutor, obviously I can sympathise as am having a bit of an issue at work as well. It certainly doesnt help with all the other hormones floating about does it?! and trying to figure out what are hormones and what are trusted feelings! Also as a fellow student I can sympathise about not really getting maternity leave, i'll be off work but i'll still be working!!


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