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Worried about toxoplasmosis

I own a cat and was so concerned about catching toxoplasmosis from him that I kind of forgot you could catch it other ways as well. My partner has taken over the responsibility of cleaning the cat litter, so I am ok when it comes to that. However in mid October, when I first found out that I was pregnant, for about 3 - 4 days after I found out I ate unwashed apples and oranges. As soon as I realized the risk of toxoplasmosis (from reading my pregnancy pack nutrition advice book) I instantly began washing my fruit from then on. I know, I know... basic hygiene means that I should have washed them anyway, but it just wasn't something that crossed my mind at the time. Like I said, ever since then I've washed my fruit, but I'm worried that I could have done some damage during those 3 - 4 days.

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I have freaked out so many times about foods too. I too didn't wash my apples before I knew, instead rubbing them on my clothing (I know, a bit skanky of me I suppose!) I do now though. I think any risk might be small but of course still a risk. Speak to your midwife for reassurance perhaps. It's hard to stop berating yourself if you think you've done something you later find out you ought to have avoided. I ate parma ham and freaked out about that, I texted my midwife but she didn't respond which might suggest she thought I was over reacting! I also have cats but my fiance cleans the litter tray, I have dogs too and he's now picking up any poop too. I hope that you are ok and can relax soon about this. I do recommend a chat with your midwife though just to put things in perspective and for the reassurance. Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy! x


Hi, to my knowledge it is only dangerous if u contract it while pregnant, chances are u already had it in the past ! Symptoms only cold and flu like. I have and had 4 cats while pregnant, 1 of which was only a kitten and me and my son were fine . If you have been cleaning out a litter tray out on a regular basis law of averages says you would already have had it, plus think of the things you did as a child on a park , playing in mud ! Eating things off the floor etc... And all the previously unwashed fruit over the years. Speak to ur doc I believe you can be tested to check u already had it but u might have to pay for it. Try not to worry too much.



Just to put your mind at rest a little- if you already have a cat - the chances are that you will have already had toxoplasmosis and are therefore immune. I've done some research and apparently its only dangerous if you contract it for the FIRST time while pregnant. "As much as half the population may have had it at some point in their lives. Once you have had the infection you are then immune for life, you cannot catch it again."


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