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I'm 1 month late but negative pregnancy tests?

I'm exactly 1 month late today, not 1 sign of a period at all. I've been getting some cramps mainly at night and getting headaches everyday! I've been using the toilet quite a bit more than usual and finding that I am becoming tired earlier and tired during the day. I've taken around 4 tests over the past month, did one tonight and they've all said negative. Do you think I should try again in the morning? Me and my partner did have unprotected sex all of august and I didn't have a period at all in september. Any advice? Do you think I should go to the doctors if the test in the morning says that I am not pregnant? I know it could be something else prolonging my periods. X

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I would go to see the doctor who should be able to

Suggest other tests they could run..I have heard before of people being pregnant and tests not showing positive until 6 weeks, but it is rare and I wouldn't count on this being the case for you.


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