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Arrrg not being able to tell anyone becoming a problem

Reading some of the week by week pregnancy guides. " week eight this point you may find that you struggle to do your top button up on your trousers" ha, try going from a fourteen to size sixteen. My feet are usually waterlogged and swollen, I forgot and wore socks with trainers to the shops, and after my legs looked like strings of sausages, guess my legs are swollen to. I'm becoming concerned as my mum had toxieamia when she was expecting me. I've had to lie to mum when out in town, she even asked me what I'd been eating.After the loss of the last two little ones I don't want to tell family untill I've seen the midwife and had a scan. I've refused to by any maternity ware untill then. And don't really want to go out anywhere untill I can admit to people the truth. I just want to stay indoors in my little bubble untill I know I've got a chance. I've also discovered a food aversion tried to eat a thorntons caramel icecream that my mum had insisted that I have( mainly because she fancied one) and oh boy to much sugar, there I am trying to eat it infront of her, bearing in mind I'm trying not to let on that I'm pregnant, whilst trying not to heave, now I can't even face the thought of anything with caramel, not even my favourite sticky toffee pud, , on the up side I am managing to eat fruit, which I was never the greatest fan of, I'm a veg girl mainly, I'm soo thirsty right now, oh come on scan appointment, if I get any bigger ill have to spill the beans.

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I'm a big fan of ready-made excuses - ok, let's call them little white lies, ok, so they're lies. But I seriously doubt they're the ones you go to hell for!! :)

Fad diet which backfired, new diet to recover from the last one.

Someone bet you that you couldn't give up all the yummy stuff for a month.

Serious problems with water retention ... gee, I'll have to get to my GP if that doesn't sort itself out soon...

If you don't have ready-made plausibles or throw away humour, you're done for! :)

Although, seriously, giving up Thornton's anything at any point in time is serious!! If you need support, just let me know.

Best of luck with it.

R x


I'm 8 wks tomorrow n have went to 14 to 16. I take it as a good sign!! :-) im also off sweet things when i had a sweet tooth before!! good luck xx


You could blame your blood sugars, tell people you had them tested and were told to cut back on sweet things. I used to go out twice a week and drink quite a lot. I would have the odd drink in the week too, so when I stopped completey susupicions were piqued. I offered to drive everywhere to hide the fact I was tea total. It didn't work! On the other hand I have developed a sweet tooth which I never had. I think you will be able to hide your pregnancy easier than I did, with the right excuse. Good luck x


Thanks Rmh2012, I'm still ok with chocolate now and again. Your reply made me laugh. Just guess bump is a health nut, I've got a thing for apples, and carrot sticks with humus now lol


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