7 weeks and bleeding

I have had two previous m/c and I have a daughter (4yrs) and I am pregnant again. I have very little symptoms other than fatigue now and again and sore Boobs. Last night when I wiped I had some bleeding, I feel completely numb and I am seeing the hospital at 2 today to check if everything is ok. I know I am blessed with my daughter but I so want another. But I feel in the depth of my heart this like the others, will be failed. What angers me is I called triage last night but I didnt want to go because I would have had to take my little girl with me. So they told me they would pass my details to EPU for someone to call me today. But when I called them they had no record of my call.

I don't know why this keeps happening to me.

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  • Ah hon I'm sorry to hear about your losses in the past. Whatever happens do not blame yourself or see it as failure - and don't give up hope! Fingers crossed for you today, let us know how it goes x x

  • Hi Rachey,

    I'm sorry to hear about them forgetting your details, that must have been very frustrating. Hope everything is OK today!

    We're here for you when you get back.

    Best wishes,

    Alice x

  • Thank you for you wishes, it' means so much to me. I will post no matter what the outcome, hopefully my experience can help others too. I may have to realise I may only have one child. And for that I'm blessed. X

  • We'll be thinking of you! Hope it goes well.

    R x

  • Fingers crossed for you xx

  • I have just returned for my scan and the baby is fine. I saw a heartbeat and started crying uncontrollably. I'm in complete shock. I really had convinced myself that this pregnancy had failed. I'm going for another scan in two weeks. Bleeding is still there but been advised not a threatened miscarriage. I can't believe it.

    Thank you all for your well wishes.

  • That's wonderful, so glad to hear the good news! x

  • This is excellent excellent news to hear! Very happy for you. :o) xx

  • Fabulous news!! You must be so relieved.

    R x

  • I am and because I didn't sleep the best last night I have been sleeping all afternoon. Thank you for your nice words.

  • im exactly the same hun.i av a little girl 6 n ive miscarried but im 7 weeks pregnant n bleeding n my schas shown baby is fine.i was crying 2.so plzd 4 u hun xx

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